The story retold by Grendel

Grendel is the monster who lived for around eleven years that terrorized a bunch of people that had settled at castle. He enjoyed when people were scared of him. He was grand and gruesome with red scary eyes and horrible teeth.

The people who were at the Heorot castle were scared because they knew what Grendel could do and what kind of beast they had to face and that is why no one was brave enough to face Grendel at the time. With having that potential and strong body Grendel took over the castle and every one lived in the dark for it until Beowulf showed up.

"One night I went to the hall, and I broke the wall, and I found many men having a feast. I just want to scared them because that was funny. I like be this bad monster of this place buajajaja . Now my plan is go to the table of the feast and then Boooo Scare them. I growled so loud at this place and they were so scared they look like if they want to soil their pants .

"What was this sound?" One of the knights ask, and then one of his partners said " Was too loud we need to check who was " then every knights woke up to see who was. " Oh my god that was the big beast of Grendel with those big claws, red eyes and the horrible teeth" they said

They went to faith with him. with they swords and very ready to win like always for eleven year that Grendel has the powers. Grendel said " Oh here they come" with terrifying laugh. they went with not scared over the monster and he grabbed the first knight that he found and gnashed him with one big bite.and then he roared and everyone ran. " Oh my god what a beast" one of the knights said.

One time a man that name was Beowulf was tired to everyone scared Grendel and he was the brave to fight with him and he kill the big beast GRENDEL.

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Maria isabel estrella padilla

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