Prince Rogers Nelson By: Emma Torkelson

The Begginig starts

This is a book about prince the famous singer that died in 2015. You will learn about His life as a child, as a teen, as a singer, As a father, and how he Died. There are GOing to Be questions at the end.

How prince died

Do you know how old prince was when he died? Well I do! He was 57 years old!do you have a family member older than 57? If you do you might want to know how old that family member is. Because there will be questions at the end. Do you know how prince died? And he died April 21 2015. How he died is because. Londell McMillan. Did the accidental opid overdose.

Here is prince rogers Nelson as a child. He is way different then the picture I am going to show you next.

Teenage life

Here is prince as a teenager.

Prince In his purple rain outfit( one of His songs.)

Prince in his purple rain outfit.
Here is prince in a tuxedo.


And that is the life of prince Nelson Rogers.


Do You have any family members that are older that 57?


Do you like prince?



Did you know that prince was a father? Well he was. He was the father of John L. Nelson. He was a very good father.

Did you know that prince has layed in his life big time laying. He layed about his career. Because he did not want anyone to know what his career was.


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