The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt Samuel Goldstein

The theater felt very intimate as I entered. I was sitting relatively close to the front so I looking forward to seeing the actors up close. As the lights dimmed, I mysterious vibe swept through the theater as I waited till the actors popped out. As I was close to a walkway, I could see the actors walk right by me; Sarah even made eye contact with me. The place is very important in Goodlife because it shows from which perspective you see the play.

I went solo to the performance. As I signed up for the play last second coordinating with friends was difficult. Solitude allowed me to contemplate on life during the show. Right before the show, I just came from Student Rec.
The show made me realize that all cultures have fundamental problems. However, society often pressures people not to speak out against the harshness in out society because the top people on the social hierarchy want to stay on top. To truly make the fairest society, people the bottom must speak out against the oppressors, such as the workers against the boss in the shoe factory. This relates to my culture, Judaism. As the Nazis were oppressing the Jews, people were afraid to speak out against the injustices and social inequality increased. As people fro other cultures started to speak out, the Nazis lost. Before attending the performance, I knew about the income inequality in our society. In my own life back in boy scouts, I spoke up against a higher ranked boy scout that was giving unfair task distribution among patrols because he was biased.

The play had very emotional moments. As I watched he play I sided with he oppressed people, the sweatshop workers. Also, I sided with the play writer due to his obnoxious, hyper personality. Their success fueled my excitement. It was very sad when the brother died in the sweatshop from suffocation. The play made me realized the social injustices in the word with income inequality, gender inequality, and racism. People are prone to being selfish and push people behind but if the oppressed work together, justice will result. The play motivated me to try the best I can with by abilities to reduce social inequality so more people can have the good life.

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