Feudal System By: Clayton Ryan

Define Feudalism- Feudalism was the system that Europe used in the Middle Ages. Everyone depended on each other and if one social class went down they all went down.

Define Manor- Manors were the villages or the villages that the lord's ruled that were near there house.

List the people who lived in the Manor- Peasants, noblemen/lord, knights, monks, and bishops.

Explain how the society groups are interdependent- If one social group fell, or didn't; do theri job, everyone fell. Without serfs, there would be no food. Without knights, their would be no military and protection for everyone. Without kings, there would be no land. Everyone has a role in the feudal system.

Explain how the feudal system affect politics- The feudal syste affects politics because if one part of the system refuses to do its job, or doesn't do its job, everyone is going to fall.

Explain how the feudal system affects social structure- The feudal system affects social structure because when everyone talks about the serfs, they will think they are not as good as everyone else and that they have no power over anyone. When they talk about other people like lords they will just assume they are good people because they are high up in the social classes.

Explain how the feudal system affects the economy- The feudal system took a lot of money. It took a lot of money for lords to run a manor and it took lots of money for a king.

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