Top Ten Places To Visit

10) New York City, New York

New York City, New York is also called the Big Apple. There are many tourists each year.

9) Orlando, Florida

Disney World and Sea World are located here. There are many other attractions here as well, like Universal Studios.

8) Las Vegas, Nevada

There are many places to gamble here. There is also places to shop.

7) Los Angeles, California

Many attractions are located here, too. One of these attractions is Hollywood.

6) New Orleans, Louisianna

There is a cruise of the Mississippi River. Golf is one of the main attractions.

5) Denver, Colorado

Skiing is the main attraction. Other attractions include the Botanic Gardens and the Coors Brewery Tour.

4) Anchorage, Alaska

The largest indoor water park is located here. There are many other activities here.

3) Honolulu, Hawaii

You can see Pearl Harbor here. This is probably the surfing state of the USA.

2) San Antonio, Texas

There is a Sea World here also. You can also go to the zoo here, too.

1) Hershey, Pennsylvania

There is a Hershey World and a Hershey Chocolate Park. There is even a Hershey Garden!

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