-As I am focusing on the art for my project most of my reflective journal will be focused on any issues, feats, discoveries etc. in the art side of the game, this will not completely rule out any talk of code/sound as I will talk about how my graphics work impacted that work.

This week I have been mostly working on the first boss (not necessarily the first you see in the game but first I have made). It is taking much longer than I expected, I now know that the bigger the sprite the easier it is to see mistakes, I have been using tween frames to try to make the animation look a bit smoother

Layers to idle animation for Stone boss

usually my idle animations are a max of 5 frames this was 11 including tweened frames this has severely slowed me down, originally I thought it would take me a few days to have the boss fully animated, this was not the case, so far we only have an idle animation and I'm currently working on a strafing animation, hopefully by the end of the weekend we will at least have some basic movement however I want it to have multiple types of attacks and health states, so this is going to be an on going project for a while I would imagine, so it is going to have to be shared between other tasks so that I can get other things done in time.

The Stone Boss

This is the Stone Boss so far, I designed it to have a crystal in its torso, when the player damages the boss enough the rock covering the crystal will break then a final blow will kill the boss (this is what the idea is so far, however this is subject to change)

I want the boss to use his physical properties to attack the player, for example the huge fist and the small spike, the spike will be swung like a right hook grazing the ground as it goes, in an attempt to impale the player, the fist will rise up and crash to the ground crushing everything below it including the player if they aren't fast enough.

while designing the boss, I was heavily inspired by games like Dark Souls and Titan Souls

Titan Souls screenshot

As you can see heavy inspiration has been taken however the design for the Stone Boss is mine.

while doing this research I actually noticed some very big similarities (unintentional) between our game and Titan Souls, however Titan Souls is all boss fights, our game is an open world adventure, so I looked into games that represent that and now I believe that our game is (or will be hopefully) a mix of the boss fights from Titan Souls, The setting and open world influence from The Witcher 3 and inspiration from the way dark souls makes you feel, you are at the bottom of the food chain and you have to fight to the top during your adventure. I think if we can pull all that of in our game and have a decent playable version by the end of the FMP then I believe that we will succeed and it will be awesome.

I have continued my practise of drawing and sketching, one improvement I have made is in Procreate (the program I use to draw on my iPad) I have made a bunch of my own brushes for my own specific uses such as a blocking brush; I use it to block in shapes and structures in a range of colours so that I can later refine them, I have also duplicated and change some of the standard brushes such as the technical pen, I changed it to appear better in lower opacity by turning down the max and least opacity in the brush settings I also messed around with the size dynamics and now I have a great sketching pen which looks a lot like the usual smudgy digital sketch rather than some of thew more natural traditional brushes on Procreate. To continue my practice I have been doing more sketches of random things and then practising shading them with opaque pen lines using cross hatching and playing around with light position, I believe this will help me when making more concept art for the game such as character concepts and object concepts, when lighting is very important to make the image more appealing, this would apply to a real world scenario in the sense that in a portfolio I would have all my drawings and concept art in and making them eye catching is very important.

I feel confident that I am progressing and the work is coming along however this boss has slowed me up a lot and I may need to look up ways of speeding up the process or take some animations away and leave them till the end for extra time (if we have any) other than some sketching and drawing and the boss design I have mostly been just practising, I spent Tuesday with family as we had a long weekend but hopefully by the end of this weekend I'll have basic movement and maybe an attack finished to decent quality depending on my time management.

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