We are often stuck inside our own world with gadgets and blinded by the internet.

In a world where technology is everywhere, the need to explore our surroundings became important as ever. People are on their phones and laptops almost all the time. There is nothing wrong with it, however, we begin to lose interest or completely forget about the huge world that we live in. We need to take a break from the gadgets and get real. This series of 25 photos will show you the tiniest part of the world that is explorable and when you put down your gadget, you'll realise how fulfilling it is to explore, enjoy.

The vastness of the world is enough for anyone to take a lifetime to explore
Get out there
Mother Nature is the queen
Enjoy it while you still can

Toys like this are rare these days, people play with phones more

Except the master himself, a proud explorer

Its good to explore and, really
Of course, especially places like this
Don't forget to sleep and eat, stay fit!
In the end, its all about the process

Exploration is very important, but what's more important is what you get at the end. You will definitely have lots of fun, learn a lot and strengthen bonds with your loved ones. There are so many things you can benefit from it and I can't want to state them all. Go out there and experience it yourself, it will be fruitful




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