mason's trip to Barca Academy! A NorCal Rush Adventure!

Mason attended FC Barcelona Academy Camp last summer in San Francisco and subsequently was asked to come to Barcelona to train at their La Masia training academy!

During a period of two months over the summer of 2019, the Barça Academy Official Coaches evaluated more than 5000 players at the different Barça Academy Soccer Camp locations in the United States. Mason and the rest of this privileged group of players (less than 10% of all attendees) were invited to come to Barcelona, train at the exclusive FC Barcelona Headquarters, and engage in a full agenda of unique and valuable soccer and cultural activities. Join Mason below as he shares his adventures during his recent trip at the Barcelona Academy Camp!

Hi Everyone Mason here! I Just got to Barcelona and met my camp chaperone at the airport..
Day one almost complete. Sunday I will be touring Parc Guell and at night watch the FC Barcelona game vs Levante at FC BARCELONA’s camp nou stadium!
Here are some pics from our Parc Guell Tour
A few pictures from the FC Barcelona vs Levante game! Messi almost scored! It was so cool! 
Pics from Monday’s training session. We're now off to Monday friendly game in a few minutes!
Pics from Monday night friendly. I believe we won 10-6 vs Spanish club - Matadepera!

My day is complete! I trained again in the morning and then had a friendly game with FC Martorell. I almost scored on this assist!

I practiced today at Johan Cruyff stadium where FC Barcelona team practices! Oh yeah, I got a little spotlight on the Barca Academy US's Instagram!
Career advice at camp Nou from an ex Barça player
Pictures From The Camp Nou Tour!
Here's some pictures of me at our Beach soccer training session! This was intense and fun! 
Here are some pictures of my tour of Barcelona City
Here are some photos from the RCD Espanyol Game!
Farewell meeting an pic of me from Barcelona Airport on the way home!

Feedback on Barcelona trip from Mason

What I liked most about the trip? - Going to FC Barcelona game vs Levante. Ansu Fati scored 2 goals and Messi had 2 assists. I also liked the career advice we got from an ex Barca player. He told us that unless you are Messi soccer is a very hard job to make money. Even if you are good enough to go pro you always need to have a backup plan in life (another job) for the day you can no longer play soccer professionally.

How was the competition? My US teammates were very good and skilled players. 2 players from Georgia even played on the state’s number one ranked 2011 team. The Spanish teams were very good as well . We won 2 games and lost 2 games against Spanish teams. We lost the last game 9-0 and it was very humbling.

What I learned while I was there? A lot of different skill moves that I am trying to use in my game now. a lot of different drills to help build up the ball, attack, or counterattack.

Anything else you want to say? When I was in Barcelona my other teammates from all over the United States told me that they either train or watch soccer videos everyday to get better. That motivated me to want to do that as well to be the best RUSH player I can be.