Good Life Performance By: Josh Churchill

The Spatial Experience

Upon entering the theater, I was immediately in awestruck by the well-crafted set on stage. The lighting and overall design was very attractive and appealing. There were ordinary beds at the base of enormous beams and rafters, but the overall focus was pointed to the giant window on center-stage. To be completely honest I was kind of bummed that I had to go watch a play for this class, because people that I know who took it in the fall semester hyped it up to not be enjoyable. However, that feeling would change soon thereafter. I sat almost directly dead center of the entire auditorium. I would say my seating location definitely enhanced my experience, solely because I had a great view of the entire stage. When the lights dimmed I thought it was really neat how the loud talkative theater suddenly became so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. The theater wasn't very large, but that meant it would be entirely easier for those in the back to hear everything that was happening on stage. The theater played a key role in the good life, not because it was full of good life students that had to watch the show, but because it helps change a lot of students' perspective on life. The theater helps translate usually educational messages through art to make and impact on those who attend.

The Social Experience

I ended up watching this play with one of my really good friends named David. Before attending we both dressed up pretty nice and went to grab some food before heading to the theater. We were really bummed that Chick-fil-a had closed early that day, so we settled for dining hall food instead. Then we headed to the theater and snapped a picture. Luckily they people operating the theater had a good system so we didn't have to wait in a line for very long. Attending this performance with David really made a huge difference. If I had gone alone I honestly wouldn't have enjoyed the play very much. Being with someone you know kind of makes you comfortable at a place you have never gone before, and sharing the experience together leaves room for a lot of conversation afterwards. The role of shared experience in the good life is deemed as being able to share those awesome moments with others and being able to reflect on them in the future. Sharing an experience with someone, whether it be good or bad, creates some sort of bond that creates that stigma that, "wow we went through that together".

The Cultural and Intellectually Experience

The performance really put life into perspective for a lot people. It just reminded them that no matter how hard you think your life is, someone usually always has it worse than you, so it reminds us to be humble and grateful. The play also showed a new perspective on the church in the past and how it could save people from their old life, but how it was a corrupted environment. This play takes place in a time where the church and the theater were at war with each other, which happens to be the central issue presented in the performance. I did not know much about this issue that was occurring in the play bforehand mainly because it happened almost a hundred years ago. The performance however, proved to be more educational than anything to me. It gave me a glimpse of what was really going on during that time period, but it didn't have any connection to anything going on in my own life. It really just gave me a differentive perspective on issues that happened before our time.

The Emotional Experience

In the play, The Divine: A play for Sarah Berhardt, a young seminary is forced to come clean about the terrible things that he has discovered from his new roommate. It ate him up inside and after seeing his roommate's younger brother die from horrible working conditions, he couldn't hold it in any longer. The play teaches us how to come clean or often referred to in Greek 'Katharsis' no matter the circumstance. Anything that burdens you should be able to cleansed from you, without fear of anyone or anything lashing out at you. The play really proves to us that things that are morally wrong should be known and not kept behind closed doors, and that we should come clean of all our wrongdoings.

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