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Medium of Art: El Anatsui's Old Man's Cloth. In its physical form, This massive and intricate interwoven cloth is nothing more than garbage tied together. El Anatsui chose this as his medium to represent a juxtaposition of old Ghana tradition against new industrialism and wasteful tendencies of the people of Ghana. Most of the scraps are tabs from liquor bottles, so the contrast of elegance and garbage questions whether or not industrial progression is truly better for the overall state of Ghanain society
Art and Core Values: This surrealist work features an interesting use of lines and traces that are more accurate and precise than the features of those in real life. The red building in the center is out of place and stands out from the rest, and can be equated to an individual among a crowd. The painting signifies that even among the business of our lives, each individual and thing is very unique but also tied to its environment. One must embrace this concept if they wish to be the best and truest form of themself.
Art and the Good Life: Sculpture of Buddha. This sculpture has a very serene and pure air to it, the Buddha is perfectly seated and his arms are gracefully positioned with his hand in the "Akash Mudra" position, which intends to unite the individual with the world and free themself of worry and negative energy. This sculpture represents serenity, content, and happiness, which we often characterize as the Good Life. Buddha represents an ideal being that we should strive to be and live like, true peace and content within our body and the world around us.
Design of the Museum: Asian Art Wing. This womg of the museum is no doubt my favorite due to its open design and large amount of natural lighting. It features a smaller Korean wing and a beautiful open air water garden that is extremely pleasing to all the senses. The overall aesthetic of this wing is extremely pleasing to me and is always mu favorite part of visiting the Harn.
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