Coquillettidia fuscopennata Yellow Fever

By: Maggie King and Elena Guerra

Background Knowledge

a. Who discovered it: U.S. Army physician James Carroll and Walter Reed on August 27, 1900.

b. How it was discovered: Discovered by Carroll allowing an infected mosquito to feed on him and then developed yellow fever. He and Reed then proved that mosquitoes carried this disease. Prior, 1848 Josiah C. Nott suggested that yellow fever was spread by insects, such as mosquitoes, based off of the transmission of the disease.

c. Where was it discovered: Havana City, Cuba

Diseases or Ailments Caused By the Pathogen:

a. Vomiting

b. Dizziness

c. Not wanting to eat anything

d. Fever

e. Sore Muscles

f. Chills

g. Abdominal Pain

h. Tiredness

How the Pathogen is Transmitted or Passed On:

a. Caused by a “Flavivirus”

b. Transmitted to humans by mosquitoes

c. The mosquitoes transmit the virus to others after they bite another infected human or monkey

Are there any known treatments of prevention practices?

a. Currently no effective way to treat yellow fever

b. People who have this virus are kept away from mosquitoes who might bite the patient and spread the disease to others

c. Can be prevented through a vaccine

d. The vaccine can protect you from receiving yellow fever for more than 10 years

e. Can also be prevented by not being exposed to mosquitoes as often by staying inside and covering your skin (by wearing pants, a long sleeve shirt, etc.)

How has the discovery of this pathogen benefitted or contributed to science and medicine/improved the scientific of medical community?

a. First disease found to be given to a human by an insect

b. One of the first few that were discovered to have come from a virus

c. One of the first diseases to be controlled by a vaccine

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