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What does it mean to be a good citizen?

February 3rd, 2017-

A good citizen is someone who obeys political and social laws. They have rights and responsibilities and they have to respect them so that they don't start affecting other people's rights. Like in a movie theater, they wouldn't yell fire even though they have the right to freedom of speech. That is the responsibility of public safety. There is also the responsibility to stay informed and other things that they should do. Also, they pay their taxes and vote in an election. These taxes help the government run schools and build new things. The voting helps you get connected with the government by having you choose who you want. In conclusion, a good citizen is a person who follow the rules and respects the rights and responsibilities.

The USA Constitution

What is government and why is it necessary?

Febuary 7th, 2017-

Government is a governing body that rules a state, country, or community. Government comes in many forms, and it is necessary because without government, everything would be in anarchy. One form of government is autocracy, where only one person is ruling. Absolute Monarchy and dictatorship are examples of autocracy. Even though one leader often leads to trouble, it is better than anarchy, which would happen without government. Another form is oligarchy, which is ruled by few, usually in one group. Democracy, where citizens vote for their leaders, comes in two forms: direct democracy and representative democracy. In conclusion, there are many types of government. Government is great to have, but a bad government is not good to have ruling over you. Without government, the citizens would live in chaos, so government is very important.

U.S. Government

What forces work for and against the supranational cooperation among nations?

There are two forces that work for and against the supranational cooperation. One force is called a centripetal force and the other is called a centrifugal force.

A centripetal force is a force that pulls together the EU to make it a united supranational cooperation. An example of a centripetal force is the trade bloc, which allows people from other countries to move across borders freely and find jobs in other countries. Also, it allows to remove tariffs, otherwise know as taxes, so that the prices of goods are lowered. A centrifugal force, however, pulls apart the supranational cooperation. An example of a centrifugal force is the use of the Euro. The EU spends a great sum of Euro on Eastern Europe, the poorer countries of Europe. Western Europe, the wealthier countries of Europe, complain on how they don't get as much money as the Eastern Europe citizens.

In conclusion, there are two forces that work for and against the EU that will affect the supranational cooperation.

EU flag

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