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Hey Graduate Students!

Is part of your Graduate Teaching Assistant/Associate assignment to develop some (or all) of the content for an online course you're teaching?

If so, could you use a little (or a lot) of help getting started? Would a step-by-step plan - with resources you could keep - be useful for your process? Would you like to feel more confident that you've crossed as many Ts and dotted as many Is as you can, before your students begin?

We're here to help!

The Office of Digital Learning has developed a brand new online workshop to support you, as you prepare to teach your online course(s). The GTA Online Course Design Boot Camp was designed to be an introduction to online course design: the content that you'll use, the way you'll present it, and the strategies you need to know, to create a great learning environment for your students.

And it was developed by a team of graduate students

So when you take this online workshop, you'll know that people in the same place as you - busy students, juggling their studies and their GTA assignments - worked hard to include all of the information and answers that graduate assistants need to be successful.

As graduate assistants, your time is important. You take your studies - and your work - seriously. But sometimes, you're asked to do something you've never done before - that's grad school, right? If you've been asked to create content for a course you'll be teaching, but still have questions, we can help!

Who is the Office of Digital Learning?

The Office of Digital Learning is driven by its relationships to the university and external communities dedicated to elevating scholarship and innovation in online learning. We are a team of curriculum developers, instructional designers, visual designers, videographers, technology experts, and quality assurance specialists who are dedicated to working with faculty to create student-focused online classrooms that provide excellent learning opportunities.

We make it our goal to:

  • Support UA Online faculty in the design of quality learning experiences that promote student engagement through interaction with content, peers and faculty both within and beyond the virtual classroom
  • Establish emerging practices, pedagogies and technologies that will redefine excellence in online education
  • Collaborate with thought leaders and stakeholders both within and outside of the university to maintain a robust and dynamic network of online educators
  • Create connections across the disciplines by linking faculty to the resources in order to develop a more integrated and effective learning environment

In summary, our office uses research, theory, and best practices in pedagogy and student-centered learning strategies to develop processes for creating highly effective online learning environments.

And we want to support you in doing the same.

So how can this workshop help?

The Online Course Design Boot Camp is fully online and asynchronous - and can be completed in just a few hours a week over the course of five weeks.

This is not a workshop on teaching an online class or on using D2L; instead, the Online Course Design Boot Camp dives into all of the pieces that come before the teaching: planning, setting up, mapping out, aligning your content with your desired outcomes, and much more...all with the goal of helping both you and your students have a successful course experience.

We've worked hard to make this a workshop that covers all of the basics:
  • Myths and misconceptions in online course design
  • Developing course goals and learning objectives
  • Creating engaging activities and content
  • Developing content
  • Using technology
  • Accessibility and accommodations
  • Best practices in online course design

This online workshop will walk you through the process of developing your course - from start to finish - in less than two months!

So what, exactly, will I learn?

We're glad you asked. This online workshop will help you start from the beginning, examining - and addressing - common myths and misconceptions in online learning. Then, we'll walk you through evaluating (and creating, if needed) goals and objectives for your course. Once we have those mapped out, we'll give you some ideas for finding or creating content - including some (free!) tools you may choose to use.

After that, we provide information on creating assignments that get students engaged and help them demonstrate that they've met the goals and objectives you've outlined. We also address University services available to your students, course accessibility, best practices, and more.


In this workshop, you will learn:
How to identify major myths and misconceptions that can impede your ability to design effective online courses
Approaches to designing and developing an online course
How to use course goals and learning objectives to effectively design content, assignments, and assessments
Basic course design and development principles that you can apply to any course you are teaching or developing - regardless of where you are in the process
How to apply the principles in this course to an online (or hybrid) course you are teaching or developing
How we made this presentation...and how to make your own - without needing a ton of tech skill ;)

Think this sounds like an awesome opportunity?

Great! Let's get started:

Registration is now open for the Pilot Cohort of the GTA Online Course Design Boot Camp. This online workshop will take place online from Monday, October 15 through Saturday, November 17.

Please read the requirements below before you register.


To register for this workshop, you must:

  • Be a currently-enrolled graduate student
  • Have a current or expected teaching assignment (we're sorry: at this time, only graduate teaching assistants are eligible for this workshop)
  • Have a syllabus for a course you are teaching, will be teaching, or have taught before. This is a requirement for this workshop, since we will be doing hands-on work.
  • Be available for the duration of the workshop. Even though it's fully online, it's important that you are available to attend for the duration.
  • Have enough time in your schedule to complete the requirements of this workshop. We estimate that it will take you between 3 and 5 hours per week to complete the content and assignments for this workshop. If you have a full schedule already, you may wish to wait for a future cohort, to ensure that you have enough time to meet the requirements.
  • Have Internet access for the duration of the workshop, as well as a laptop or desktop computer. While much of the content can be accessed from a smartphone or tablet, you'll want a computer for the best experience completing and submitting assignments.


Enrollment has started! Participants of this workshop will be eligible to receive a $300 financial aid award* upon successful completion of all workshop requirements.

*Award may impact student financial aid – please see https://financialaid.arizona.edu/policies/eligibility-for-financial-aid for additional information.

Not available for the Fall 2018 cohort, but interested in a future cohort?

While this workshop will be fully online and asynchronous, it's important that you are able to participate for the duration of the time the workshop is running.

If you are interested but have other commitments during this time, we understand! Please fill out this form to be added to our email list. We'll get in touch when future offerings are scheduled!

Still have questions?

We're happy to answer any additional questions you have! Please click the button below to email Kristen with any questions about the GTA Online Course Design Boot Camp.

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