Tessa Emily Hall School Visits YA Author, acquisitions editor, ASSOCIATE LITERARY agent

Tessa Emily Hall is available to speak at groups of all ages, including but not limited to youth groups, schools, conferences, and colleges. In her writing/publishing workshops, she draws upon her experience as a young author, Associate Literary Agent, and YA Acquisitions Editor to engage the audience and teach the craft in a way that is interactive and simple for young writers to grasp.

She enjoys giving motivational and inspirational talks as well. In these presentations, Tessa shares her journey toward publication as a teen and explains why she chose to pursue it at a young age. She then challenges the audience by discussing how they can develop a plan that will help them embrace their uniqueness, discover their potential, and pursue the impossible. Each session will include a PowerPoint presentation and handouts for students to take notes and apply what they've learned.

For more info on her inspirational/motivational presentations, please visit this link: https://www.tessaemilyhall.com/workshops/

School Visits:

Tessa is passionate about sharing her love of writing, reading, and the publishing industry. She does this by sharing her path to publication as a teen and how she has had the opportunity to be involved on the other side of the industry.

Tessa is also available to teach writing/publishing workshops. In these workshops, she'll give a brief background of her path to publication before walking teens through the writing/publishing process. Her writing workshops are interactive and encourage tweens/teens to approach creative writing with enthusiasm.

Various writing/publishing workshop topics include the following: The Art & Craft of Storytelling, The Role of Agents and Editors in the Publication Process, Become an Author: How to Navigate Today's Publishing Industry, How Writing a Book is Similar to Climbing a Mountain: Breakdown of the Process, Create a Character, Mastering Show vs. Tell, How to Write a Novel Step-By-Step, How to Create & Maintain a Blog, How to Gain Publishing Credentials as a Teen/Tween, etc.

Tessa is willing to cater a specific workshop to fit the needs and age of the audience. She will need 30 mins to an hour for the presentation and Q&A. She lives in SC but is available for out-of-state visits. A projector and screen is required.

Pricing for school visits:

For inspirational/motivational presentations (as detailed on this page), Tessa can speak to max. of four classes (50 students max. per class) in one day. Each presentation costs $80 plus travel expenses; however, the cost of four classes combined is $300 (plus travel).

For writing/publication workshops (as detailed on this page), Tessa can speak to max. of four classes (50 students max. per class) in one day. The cost of one class is $80 plus travel expense; however, the cost of four classes combined is $300 (plus travel).


Please email Tessa at tessaemilyhall@gmail.com with your desired presentation, date, and details.


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