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Thesis- Shakespeare made an impact on the Globe Theatre through his plays, design & structure, and the costumes.

History Of The Globe.

Quote #1-"In 1576 outside the city walls of London the first permanent theatre in england was built." (Anderson).

Commentary- Outside the walls of London the first permanent theatre was built.

Quote #2-"In 1576, outside the city walls of London, an actor-manager named James Burbage built the first permanent theatre in England." (Anderson)

Commentary-James Burbage built the first theatre in England.

Quote #3-"In 1599 Burbage's theatre was torn down and its timbers were used by Shakespeare and his company to build the Globe Theatre." (Robert Anderson).

Commentary- 1599 Burbages theatre was torn down and they used its timbers to build the new Globe Theatre.

What the Theatre looked like.

Quote #4-"Little is known about the Globe's design except what can be learned from maps and evidence from the plays presented there. The Globe was round or polygonal on the outside and probably round on the inside". (World Book,

Seidel, Michael).

Commentary-little is known about the theatres desing except what we know from maps and evidence from the plays presented there. globe was round outside and inside.

Quote #5-"The Globe held 3,000 people, and its audiences were composed of members from all social classes. Lords and ladies, whores and thieves, and barristers, professors, and students, and just about everyone in between attended plays at the Globe". (Hager Alan ed)

Commentary-theatre held 3000 people with different social classes

Quote #6-"Underneath the stage was the trap door through which actors disappeared from the stage and descended into "hell." Above the stage were the mechanisms for producing special effects like thunder and lightning and the suspension apparatus used to "fly" the actors." (Hager Alan ed)

Commentary- The actors used the trap door to disappear in a scene and go to “hell”. Above the stage there were specials things for special effects.


Quote #7-Over the course of the seventeen years that the Globe Theatre has been open, it has been established that for those able and willing to stand for the duration, the best " seat" in the house is right up against the stage closest to the action.

Commentary- the best seat in the globe theatre is against the stage close to everything that is being performed.


Quote #8-the costumes have very strong shapes. They don't follow the body shapes, so they make the body bigger. People have hats on, or helmets, gowns, long dresses. The actors are framed by extravagant shapes. On that stage, that works very well."

Commentary- The costumes for the body weren't based on the persons body shape. Hats were a common thing.

The plays that were performed.

Quote# 9-History, Tradagies, Comedies, Romance were performed at the globe.

Quote #10-William Shakespeare has become the most famous playwright of his time. He wrote or co-wrote almost 40 plays. But he was one of many writers producing plays in London at that time. The best known of the others are Christopher Marlowe and Ben Jonson

Commentary- Shakesperare is the most famous playwright. He wrote almost 40 plays

Quote #11-Playwrights at this time were not too bothered about being original. They were content to re-work old stories or even use other people’s plots. Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew was a re-write of an earlier play and The Comedy of Errors was based on a plot from an ancient Roman writer named Plautus.

Commentary- Back then plays were not considered original. Many of the plays performed were re worked old stories.

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