The low down on Voltron: Legendary Defender a personal favorite of mine on netflix

These guys are supposed to save the galaxy
From these guys
With the help of these guys
TO make this out of robot lions



Here are the characters

(I would do plot but I don't want to spoil)

This is Shiro. He's the leader and pilots the black lion. Being the oldest, He's thoughtful and wise about almost every decision he makes
This is Hunk. He pilots the yellow lion. He's the team's good heart, alien cuisine chef(and taste tester) and mechanic. Hunk knows not to take himself too seriously and knows when to laugh at himself every now and then.
Pidge, the pilot of the green lion, originally came to look for family but with time(quite a bit of it)realized that there was something bigger to be done(but family is still on the mind no matter what.) Pidge loves all things tech. I personally believe she loves tech more than people sometimes
Lance, pilot of the blue lion, is kind of a flirt with almost everyone he meets. He's cocky and fun loving and kind of has an ego. I call him space Sokka because he reminds me of Sokka's personality from Avatar: The last airbender(Another great show)
Keith, there's not too much actually know about him compared to the others. He pilots the red lion but rather do is own thing instead of following rules.
Allura, princess and one of the lone survivors of her people, aside from Coran that's been asleep for 10,000 years. She's usually serious and all business. She usually feels most of the personal pressure and responsibilities for the failures and successes of the team
This is Coran(His personality and design makes me think of Nigel Thornberry from the show, The Wild Thornberrys). He's the royal adviser to the Altean family and the only living member, Allura. He knows the most about the castle but it may take him a minute to remember(because being asleep for 10,000 years can do a number on you)
Emperor Zarkon, ruthless leader that has spent 10,000 years building an empire to find the lions that Allura's father has hid until now and to conquer the universe. So far into the series he's the most intimidating threat but that may change or possibly not. Who knows? Season 2 has a lot in store
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