February Love is...that feeling you get after your done working out!

Happy February! The time is NOW!

So let's check-in... we're a little over a month from the start of the New Year! Remember what we all discussed? Some resolutions? Fitness goals, perhaps?! Where are you at? Do you still have those goals in sight? Have you been able to commit yourself to them? We all start out strong, then, Superbowl. So, let's re-group! Please discuss with me this week what has worked/what hasn't, and I'll help you find some ways to make changes. What has gotten in the way and what can we do about it? Remember, you want to be realistic- what can you accomplish? Don't make those goals unattainable. This is the time to get serious folks! After all this snow comes summer (YAY!), and it seems far away, but that's how much time you'll need to get to where you want to be for those beach days!

Ah, remember the beach?!

Remember, you can do it- you CAN make those changes, and I'm here to support you! But, staying focused is a MUST! Don't get side-tracked just yet, and be sure you're doing meal prep as well as workout-planning for the week.


Check-out the link below to a short TED talk #8- let's get GRITTY!

I've provided information previously regarding SMART goal setting, now here's an article with some tips for staying motivated

How's your "ticker?"

Take care of your heart- it's the only one you have!

Exercise (more specifically, aerobic exercise) has a profound effect on heart health. Here's a summary of how:

The cardiovascular system is the primary transport system of the body comprised of the heart, vessels, and blood. Aerobic training as a SIGNIFICANT effect on it (keep in mind, anaerobic- strength training- can become aerobic as well). The heart hypertrophies due to increases in muscle filaments (the contractile fiber of muscle), blood volume, enzymes, and mitochondria (part of the cell structure where cell metabolism occurs). Heart adaptations increase stroke volume (how much blood fills a heart's ventricle chamber), which affects blood pressure. Capillaries increase in aerobic training and vessels are able to grow longer. More blood is sent to the areas where circulation is needed. Blood volume increases and can be stored in veins for use during high demand periods. AKA: circulation improves! Long term training will allow the body's respiratory system to increase it's utilization of oxygen from red blood cells as well as its ability to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide efficiently between tissues and the blood. AKA: with aerobic training, you will take fewer breaths because your body will have adapted to use more oxygen per inhalation. Additionally, with long term training, resting heart rate will naturally decrease. This is just a short list of the positive effects of training on heart health- read the article below for a few more (and that's not even mentioning the positive effects of resistance training)!

Valentine's Day Treats you Won't Regret!

As I continue on my search for the best overnight oats- try this one to start your Valentine's Day!

Looking for a sweet evening treat? Try these yogurt dipped ombre strawberries

It's "ombre," not "hombre!"

And check-out this link to 14 healthy treats (mostly heart-shaped) that will keep your diet on track this week! The red-velvet protein brownies and chocolate dipped strawberry smoothie sound the best to me!

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