Biographies About Dave Shaffer and Rebecca Shaffer

DAVE SHAFFER (grandfather) :

Born on May 26, 1952 in Chicago, Illinois.

He has 4 siblings: 2 sisters and 2 brothers.

His nickname was Bo growing up.

He was most afraid of bees growing up because he's allergic to them.

His favorite subject in school was History.

He was an average B-C student and was an introvert.

Most people would find it surprising that he was not a good student growing up.

He attended 1 year of college in Chicago and 5 years at UNC in Greely, Colorado.

He was in the air force for 4 years and left as a Sergeant/ E4.

He was never in combat while he was in the military.

He did encourage my father to look seriously into the Air Force.

While in the military, he learned discipline, self-control, and patience.

His first job was delivering newspaper.

He is most influences by his father because he is smart and has a kind-heart.

He has been married to my grandmother for 45 years.

He defines happiness as being content.

The main lessons he's learned in life are to be happy with very little and not place a lot of value in money.

The happiest moments in his life were watching his children be born and getting married.

He had 4 children: 3 girls and 1 boy

He is a principal at a high school in Greely, Colorado.


REBECCA SHAFFER (grandmother) :

Born of September 9, 1953 in Watertown, South Dakota.

She has two siblings: 1 sister and 1 brother.

Her nickname growing up was Reb.

Her biggest fear was Satan.

She was most influenced by her Uncle.

Her favorite subject was American History.

She was an under-performer in school and was not popular.

She went to college at Eastern Wyoming College but did not graduate.

People would find it surprising that she was a very disrespectful teenager.

Her first job was at a fast food restaurant.

Someone who influenced her the most in her career was someone she worked for.

Her goal as a parent is for all of her children to love God and their families.

Family means everything to her.

Her parents showed her exactly how she didn't want her family to be.

She is closest to her sister out of everyone in her family.

To her, happiness means making a difference in a way that honors God.

Her happiest memory is when she got married.

Her greatest hope is her children and grandchildren loving God.

The main lesson she's learned in life is that relationships with family and friends are more important than anything.

She had 4 children: 3 girls and 1 boy.

She works in health care in Greely, Colorado.

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