The Life Story of Montesquieu

This is Montesquieu. He was a philosopher from the Age of Enlightenment era. Born on January 18, 1689 into a family that was damaged, forced him into a catholic college. But this started his interest in the art of learning.

He soon becomes a lawyer, but then quits to write his Lettres persanes, which do become a huge success. This book revolutionized how the world had previously thought about their political veiws

After the popularity of the book, he was given an unofficial tittle called the "champion of liberty". He also gave the political scientist Donald Lutz insight on some political issues.

Finally the views that were so famous were about the systems of government they had in there era. They were called separation of powers. Also with the release of his newer book called The Spirit of the Laws had changed the political views of their society.

He ends his life with his career turning minds of the political view. He then dies on February 10th,1755 at the of age 66 in Paris, France. His death was from a high fever.

To become truly great, one has to stand with people, not above them.-Montesquieu

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