Why is it good to eat healthy food? By: Cole Marshall

Healthy eating is critical to be healthy or to live a healthy life. Also doing physical activities helps keeps people in shape and healthy, playing sports and eating healthy helps you fight colds easier, prevents some diseases and cancer. anyways you should also drink water regularly.
There are 4 main food groups one of them is fruits and vegetables. Also there is grain, milk and alternatives, and lastly meat and alternatives. There are more things on the food guide, like the amount of servings you should have for each food group. Also if the follow the amount of servings in each food group it meets the needs of your daily vitamins, minerals and further more nutrients. It contributes to you health and reduces your risk of getting diseases, cancer, getting obese and other health problems.
Some quick healthy snacks/foods are: fresh fruit, yogurt, banana, vegetables, plain popcorn, 100% fruit juice and I usually eat bananas for a quick snacks


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