Infant development By-Aaliyah lawson

1 month old the baby may be able to lifts its head and turn it,The baby also may be able to react to the partners voices

2 month old baby will start to make sounds and will respond to more sounds and diffrent tone of voices

3 month baby will start to lift its head and chest when on its stomach. The baby may also open and close its hands.

4 month old baby will start to supports their upper body eon its hands when they are laying on the stomach.also they may roll from there stomach to back

5 month baby will start to rock on its stomach while kicking there legs.The baby may even start to reach for there own toys.

6 month baby will start to pass a toy from one hand to another and may try to put the object to there mouth.

7 month baby start to be able to roll both ways and even sit up steadily.The baby also will be able to know the parents by there voices

8 month baby will start to be able to pull its self up and bang blocks together.They baby may also start to bring it self to knees.

9 months old baby will start to use its index finger to point and lean forward to pick up its toy.The baby was also notice small objects.

10 month old baby will start to crawl very well and can put objects into containers. The baby may even make new words and sounds.

11 month baby will start to walk while holding on to diffrent furniture.The baby will use gestures like shaking its head fo no

12 month old baby may start to take a few steps along and stand alone for short amount of time. And the baby may start to hold and drink from the cup on its own

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