Chile Earthquake BY: Cheri Young

Where and When

The nearest land form to the epicenter of this earthquake is the Tantauco park. The nearest City is Quellon. The latitude of the epicenter is -43.42 and the longitude is -73.95. The earthquake happened on 12/25/16, on Christmas.

Cultural background

Chile’s culture name is Chilean. Most homogeneous nation in both ethnic and cultural terms. Since late 19th century large group of immigrants came. Mostly from Germans, British, French, Italians, Croatians, Palestinians, and Jews. Chileans speak mainly Spanish. Spanish/Mexican architecture loots of poor people in Chile. Chileans eat for meals a day, lunch is main meal.

About Chile

Chile is very hot. It is on the other side of the equator than Bedford, so their seasons are backwards compared to ours. So while we would be in winter during this earthquake, they were in summer. January's average temperature is 86 degrees while in June/July the average month temperature is 37 degrees. Chile has a population of 18,289,047. Puerto Montt has a population of 160,050. Chile’s main jobs for citizens involve doing agriculture, forestry, fishing, mining and manufacturing.

Geographical background

Chile has high elevation on land because of mountains. Near where the earthquake was more flat grounds, not many mountains. The water next to Chile is very deep, because there is a trench there. Chile is right next to a plate boundary, which is why they get earthquakes quite a bit and most of the time with high magnitudes. Chile is next to the Pacific Ocean, the epicenter of the earthquake was near the port Puerto Montt. The closest park to the epicenter was the Tantauco Park.

Earthquake background

Chile has not had an earthquake in this region in a very long time, also they have not had one of this great a magnitude in a long time. They know how to handle earthquakes from having them be more frequent in other regions of Chile. They know how to prepare for an earthquake and there side effects if they were to have one. Chile has very strict building codes that they follow so that they aren't as affected by earthquakes and have less fatalities.

About 12/25/16 Earthquake

No deaths happened after this earth quake, there was estimated to be 30 injured though and one city was evacuated. Electricity was lost for little while, houses were shaken up most barely standing. Roads were collapsed, broken, or cracked. The depth of this earthquake was 35.15 km and with a magnitude of 7.6.

seismograph of 12/25/16 earthquake in Chile
Chile's plate tectonic/ plate boundaries


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