CREATE - Body/Kinaesthetic and Music/Rhythmic LEARNING INTENTION: Be able to demonstrate understanding of cause/effect, perspective or historical change.

INQUIRY QUESTION: What is the legacy of medieval Europe?

RATING: ****

1.Choose a particular aspect, significant person, event or place from the medieval world.

2. Develop a question that you would like to answer relating to your topic of interest.

3. Conduct research - Locate, record analysis and CUP evaluation (see table below) on at least 2 primary and 2 secondary sources, and be sure to include references! NOTE: You may use work done in past tasks or you may want to read the information and analyse the evidence from text (RetroActive1) as a starting point.

4. Find a rap/poem/song that you think the music might work well with your topic and rewrite the lyrics to the song using information from your research. CHALLENGE: You might even choose to create it from a particular perspective/point of view!

5. Record your new lyrics over the song and create video clip using evidence researched and accurate chronology. You may choose to include parts of other videos on YouTube relating to your topic as well. Your video clip needs to show your understanding of the following historical concepts:

- change and continuity,
- perspective and/or
- cause & effect

Success would look something like the following:

SUCCESS CRITERIA: I successfully researches a topic relating to the medieval world, wrote a song and recorded a video clip that shows:

K&U (Concepts): Evidence; Change & Continuity; Cause & Effect; Perspectives; Empathy; Significance
SKILLS: Chronology; Analysis & use of Sources; Explanation & Communication

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