Luo's Good Life Tour of the Harn


Technique of the Artist: I always believe that seeing is believing. Only by seeing from my own eyes, I will have the true feeling. Then technique I found amazing was from the painting called Gate#2. It is an oil on canvas and the painter Ross Bleckner uses the technique of stripe painting. First I felt dizzy when I stared the painting for a while but I found connected to it then. The painting communicated to me with its meaning behind the painting. The painter wants to express her personal confinement and makes a breakthrough. I felt that I could across the gate to get in a new world.

Collections of European prints

Design of the Museum: I found the exhibit of Europe prints collections from Yale University Art Gallery the most appealing. The wall is pained orange to match the yellow light, which makes the paintings look warm and attractive. The paintings there are all in black and white color and the wall is painted orange. These three colors match so well and will not bring the eye shock to people. I found the exhibit there is so amazing, instructive and energetic.

Frida Kahlo's photography

Art and Core Value: The photography of Frida Kahlo appeals to one of my core value, persistence. I have learned the story of Frida in the good life class and have a better understanding after seeing the photography. The photography instilled me strong desire to make a change of my life as Frida did, persisted in her own way. By reviewing Frida’s story, I learned that I should never stop realizing my dreams no matter what difficulties I would face in the future

The story of Frida Kahlo

Art and the Good Life: The art work that conveys the good life theme is still the photography of Frida Kahlo. Frida gave a definition of fashion and created a great combination with art and body. Frida used her body parts in her painting to express her confidence and independence. The good life theme depicted in the photography I think is that never stop chasing our dreams. In the photography, Frida sitting quietly with eyes full with hardiness and bravery made me have more appreciation of her and the photography.

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