Deaf Dogs Rescue Handy Dog Hints


I often rescue Deaf dogs due to excessive barking. Deaf dogs do bark, those little noses can smell 10,000 times more than a human. A deaf dog will still know that someone or thing is in the neighbourhood that should not be there. First have a look around (common sense). If you can't see anything bring your dog inside. Yes I said it inside!!!! All dogs can bark if they are left outside on their own for hours whilst you go to work. Just think how bored you would be sitting in the same place the same time everyday. Yup you would be bored. So try and be a little more understanding. Your dog can not wait to see you and interact, waggle his tail or bottom if you have a British Bulldog like me. Remember your dog lives for you and you only. He can't go out and have coffee with friends, or out for dinner and drinks he would be locked up for it!!!! It is up to you now.

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Jai Deaf Dog Rescuer

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