My Experience at the Harn By: Chandler Lozeau


In this spark story I hope you gain a new perspective of what the Harn has to offer. It was an amazing museum that taught me a lot about the world of art and what it has to offer.

Medium of Art

Pictured above is an amazing example of what the Harn has for its viewers. The artwork really spoke to me because of the sharp outlines and diverse color use. It was a refreshing sight to see and personally, I enjoyed the aesthetic appeal that this painting conveys to the public, and I feet that this artwork is the perfect example of an intrinsic discovery at the Harn.

Design of the Museum

During my stay at the Harn, my favorite design that this museum had to offer would have to be the flow from warm regions to cool regions. As pictured, you can see where the designers chose to fade from warm to cool. This layout aids the visitors to gain two completely perpendicular feelings, conjoined by a subtle transition. The hues of blue and black, slowly fade into warmer colors such as gold and brown, which creates a diverse setting for the viewers. I enjoyed the balance between the two feelings very much.

Art and Core Values

To many, art serves as an outlet from one's emotions. This painting I stand before spoke greatly to me. You can really grab a hold of the emotions the author was trying to convey through this painting. In this Native American piece of art the people in it seem to be harmonious and come together as one as they dance.

Art and the Good Life

I choose this picture because I think it captures how modernized we have become today. I think it shows how busy we have become in our every day lives that as a society we have began to lose touch with the natural world. I think one of the most important aspects to a good life is to sometimes just slow down and take some time for yourself.

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