flying tigers

Who: The first American Volunteer Group of the Chinese Air Force in 1941-1942, Founded by Claire Lee Chennault, born in Commerce, Texas.

What: A volunteer group of pilots from the United States Army Air Corps, Navy, and Marine Corps. Three squadrons-60 aircraft combat unit in WWII. They became offical member of Chinese Air Force to help defend China from Japan.

When: They trained in Burma before the before America's entry into WWII. Their first combat mission was on December 20, 1941. They were still training when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor.

Where: They helped the British defend Rangoon Burma, and in Kunming, the they engaged Japanese bombers.

Burma,China, and Japan

Historical Significance The Flying Tigers were the only Americans fighting Japan right after the bombing in Pearl Harbor. They were victorious over the Japanese in the days and weeks after Pearl Harbor. Their leader, Chennault was acclaimed a tactical genius for their efforts in Burma.

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