Traveling with chris You don't have to be rich to travel well - Eugene Fodor

My project is about adventuring and traveling to many places within California and other places i would like to go to! The purpose of my project is to show everyone what else is out there and to try to inspire them to go see many different places. I love traveling! it is my passion and i'd like to show everyone where i have gone. But mainly my purpose of sharing these places with everyone is to give tips and guide them to a special or specific destination to where they are looking for, like for example. Disneyland! its a very fun place for all ages and its the most magical place on earth. i have a lot of passion for traveling because my first trip was to Maui, Hawaii, and it was a beautiful experience! ever since then i have always told myself, i want to explore the world and go to many many places! I would love for everyone to feel the same way also, and i will show everyone how to do so.

One of the first places i remember going to in maui was the aquarium! When we think of Hawaii we always think of many palm trees, sitting on the beach while sipping on a pina colada or eating coconut but the first place i wanted to go to was to an aquarium because we were in Hawaii and i knew there were sharks and many other fish there. If you want to see fish, sharks, starfishes and many other sea animals then the Maui Ocean Center is the perfect stop for you and your family because it is so much fun! The admission is really affordable starting at $25 for adults. Also remember to take a photo with the sharks!
Disneyland, CA; Wheres the Happiest place on earth? The happiest place on earth is here at Disneyland! where everyone from ages 3-100 can enjoy and have tons of FUN!! I've been to Disneyland many times and i go almost every Friday! There are many things to do there and its a fun place to go with your friends to have lots and lots of fun! Disneyland and California Adventure are the happiest place on earth, why? because there is so much magic there and so many memories can be made there and its a destination for younger kids due to the rides that focus on disney characters such as cinderella, tinker bell, snow white, nemo, and many others! typically the prices range because it depends on the day you attend the park/s. The one day park hopper will cost $165. for socal residents the annual passes are a better deal because if you go a couple times, it pays off instead of just a day ticket!
La Jolla Cove, San Diego, CA

La Jolla cove is such a beautiful place to go to because the water is really clean, you'll see some seals, they also have snorkeling tours, kayaking tours or even both! Pack your lunch, and take a drive to La Jolla for a great time! La jolla is about an hour and a half.

Colorado street bridge, was built 1912 by Weddell &a Harrington. This bridge has a nickname and that is " the suicide bridge" due to so many jumpers off this bridge. A famous British actor, super-model, and musician jumped off the bridge on October 26, 2015. Many people believe that the suicide bridge is haunted. This is a nice place to visit because it has so much history to it.
Left Picture; My cousin Ari and Myself, Right Picture; My mom and I.
Ensenada & Rosarito, BC, We spend the weekend at Rosarito and Ensenada and we had a blast! We first toured around Rosarito and went to the hotel called "las Rocas" which means "the rocks" We stayed there for a while and we enjoyed the pool area and the adults had some drinks at the Bar inside the hut. Then we decided to go to Ensenada and then we randomly went Kayaking which was a last minute as you can tell by our clothing. These spots are so fun and are visited by many people all around the world. The Bufadora is one of the wonders in the world! Its about 3 hours and 20 mins to Ensenada! its Amazing!
Downtown flagstaff, AZ, this is a cute little town to go to! its super nice during the winter because it looks snowy and during the summer there's a variety of things to do. the picture is taken in downtown Flagstaff!

Downtown flagstaff, AZ

Beginning of a trail, Grand Canyon AZ
My family and i visited the Grand Canyon in December right after Christmas and it was full of snow! i recommend going in the summer when its not snowing because its very dangerous because there is a lot of ice.
Chapel of the holy cross, Sedona AZ
My uncle and aunt with my cousins!
April 14, 2017; Update! i have been busy with school work and i haven't made time to explore a new place. For the symposium i plan to print out pictures of where i have gone to, and also some interesting facts and why tourists go there. i plan to use a poster board since it will be easy to complete
Monday May 1, 2017; From the feedback i have received on my symposium, i believe i did pretty good and i have received many great comments! i personally believe i did good on my presentation to my audience but i do believe i could have done better on the board, seemed a little plain to me but other than that i did better than expected!!!


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