Chapter 13, less 1

1) After suffering discrimination and unfair treatment for centuries, African Americans in the mid-1900s began to make real progress in winning an equal place in American life

2) Fighting for equal rights in jobs, housing, and education

3) World Was II had been one turning point. African Americans demands for more rights helped and discrimination in factories that did work for the government

4) African Americans alson won better job opportunities in the military

5) James Farmer and George Houser founded the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) in Chicago in 1942

6) A year later, CORE led a protest targeting pulic places that refused to serve African Americans.

7) CORE protesters helped end segregation in many restaurants, theaters, and other public places in Chicago, Detroit, Denver, and Syracuse, a city in New York

8) The word civil means "having to do with citizens and their government"

9) The NAAACP had worked since its founding in 1909 to improve African Americans' rights

10) In the 1950s, NAACP lawyers made a stunning breakthrough

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