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In this Photo, the subject, Kelsey McGoldrick is posed in a portrait layout as an attempt to recreate Andy Warhol's iconic pop art portraits. the portrait closely resembles 'James Dean' by Andy Warhol, where the famous actor is shown in vibrant colors with a cigarette in mouth. In this depiction, Kelsey is shown holding a pen looking off into the distance, showing a sense of mystery and seriousness.

This photograph includes a sense of balance with its subject oriented at the center of the frame and promotes harmony with a blend of multiple blinding colors and black. The solid background provides a stern sense of depth and almost alters the perception of the portrait by making the subject stand out. The purpose of the composition is most likely to closely mimic the inspirational artist, and human that is Andy Warhol and the iconic work that he produces.

The composition emits a happy and encouraging vibe thanks to bright colors an their inviting tone. this helps the viewer scan the portrait and draws attention to each individual section, exploiting the detail and precision. The subjects facial expression emits a curious and mysterious feeling while insisting seriousness.

The composition completes this task but fails to assert its self as the most professional quality remix. However, this is interesting because of the lack of perfection, which closely resembles the strategy of Warhol and his seemingly effortless masterpieces.

In this photo, the subject, Carson Bass, poses for a portrait that has been double exposed with multiple layers depicting what seems to be a side of him that appreciates early 2000's rap culture and style. The portrait consists of multiple images, in a multi exposure collage format to introduce multiple sides of the subjects personality and self expressions.

The photo is oriented as a portrait, which makes effective use of the frame to move the viewers eyes up and down within the composition. The use of multi exposure images gives the piece a sense of layering and depth, just as the subject is proposed to have multiple interests and character traits. With an effective use of space, the work limits negatives space and uses a sense of centralization and balance to draw focus to the subject while emphasizing the overlaying images.

The composition emits provokes a feeling of teenage rebellion and self determination. overlaying images of money and fast cars allude to the subjects want to succeed and leave behind hardship and struggle. With multiple colors and explosive patterns and textures, this work does not fail to captivate the viewers attention and distribute focus throughout the composition.

Overall, this work seems to be fairly successful in depicting the lifestyle and interests of the subject through the use of multi exposures. An effective use of overlaying photos pull all the pieces of the composition together and create an aesthetically pleasing depiction of the subjects projected persona through a portrait.

This picture was taken from the 3D Film stills project. the picture aims to represent a continuation of the popular and short lived show, Freaks and Geeks. compositions shows an accurate representation of what seems to be high school students cutting out on their responsibilities to relax under the bleachers. There is an added 3D effect to increase the sense of depth and promote a cinematic topic.

Within the landscape orientation, which leads the viewers point of view from side to side, there are multiple leading lines and a strong focal point which lead the concentration to the two subjects in the center. The use of the layered look and the anaglyph effect emphasize the perception of depth within the composition and help the viewer perceive a background and the subject as the strong central foreground.

This composition emits a sense of nostalgic teenage freedom and nonconformity through its use of a high school setting and young subjects. The three dimensional addition helps emphasize the cinematic experience and helps promote the suggested second season of the unjustly cancelled show that is 'Freaks and Geeks'. Overall, the mixture of a strong subject and added effects helps the composition give a feeling of aesthetic harmony while telling a story that the viewer wants to see more of.

The composition successfully completes the task of promoting a continuation of a popular show while using a three-dimensional effect to propose a visual and metaphorical sense of depth. With a strong centralized topic and well rounded aesthetic, the composition has no issue drawing much wanted attention while proceeding to stand out.

This Composition depicts a skateboarder in action, as a remix of the popular photographer, Hugh Holland. Holland successfully drew attention to himself through documenting the beginning of skateboarding on the west coast of California. this photograph seems to be an attempt to replicate his early 70s style of composition. through inspiration from Holland, Bryce McFadden portrays a young skater enjoying the feeling of adrenaline and unprecedented freedom.

The photograph, oriented as a portrait, draw the viewers eyes to the subject while promoting vertical movement. The grainy filter adds to the effect of the vertical leading lines that, once again, adds to the sense of movement and centralized balance. However, the frame could be cropped down to eliminate unnecessary space.

With a strong composition, this photo emits a beautiful sense of movement and passion through the promotion of a self oriented lifestyle. The black bar, placed over the subjects eyes, add a mysterious and humble aspect to the subjects style and the piece in general. As the sense of freedom and individuality overtake the composition, the literal content of the photo produces an impressive depiction of a local hoss getting himself over coping.

Overall, this photo succeeds as an inspiring and action packed photo, with inspiration easily traced back to the work of Hugh Holland. With such a strong subject, meaning and composition, this photo is nothing short of a work of art. Through a sense of carelessness concentration on the skateboarder, the photographer effectively creates a gorgeous representation of teenage hope and passion for an often overlooked lifestyle.

In this photograph, documented by Carson Bass, depicts a subject who appears to be inducing telekinetic levitation upon an unsuspecting chair. In a school yard setting, a high school student appears to use the knowledge he has acquired in school to perform mind boggling stunts. The photo is part of a project titled 'Floating into the weekend' and suggests the goal of the work is to create a visual of an artificially suspended object.

The composition is positioned in a portrait orientation, in order to effectively move the viewers eyes up and down throughout the frame. The thoughtfully cropped image promotes a sense of height at which the chair is being upheld while limiting use of negative space. As well as an effective frame, the composition produces an overall sense of balance and serenity within the subject and his actions.

The subject and his significant setting show that through the use of the mind, seemingly impossible tasks can be accomplished. The setting of a school yard may allude to the benefit of higher education and the limitless possibilities of the determined mind of an individual. the work encourages a sense of incredible human potential within the student and young mind.

In conclusion, the photograph effectively accomplishes the goal of artificially suspending an object, while making it look as genuine as possible. Through a successful use of strong composition the artist can easily depict a playful, yet very meaningful scene that can inspire viewers through the effortless delivery of a firm message.

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Sean Gaffney

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