China Falls to the Communists

  • It began in the 1920's, after the Chinese government under Jiang Jieshi began to imprison and kill Communists.
  • Mao Zedong and a handful of other Communists leaders escaped to southern China.
  • During WWII, Mao and Jiang grudgingly cooperated to resist the invading Japanese.
  • WWII drew to a close yet the fight between the communists and china continue
  • Truman first provided assitances to Jiang but dispite his aid Mao's forces controlled China's countryside and nothern cities
  • In early 1949 China's capital of Percing fell to the Communists
  • Mao proclaimed the creation of the people's republic of China
  • Jiang and his followers withdrew to the island of Taiwan
  • With American support the republic of China also held onto China's seats in the UN's General Assembly and Security council
  • Many Americans viewed the loss of China as a stain on the record of the Truman Administration


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