Should Football Be An Olympic Sport? BY Nigel Sebastian

Some people would love if American Football was an Olympic sport, but I just dont see its potential. I do not think it should be an Olympic sport and here is why.

Football is the most popular sport in the US so why not make it international you might ask? Well first of it is called American football and very different from what the rest of the world knows as football, it would be so confusing. The US would win gold every year, we have been playing for decades and are much better than the comptetion!

Some people in the US dedicate their lives to playing football and that takes time and determination, I just dont think other countries would even care. Why would they care so much about a sport that only a fraction of the world even knows exists.

Some think that other countries would get better and in no time we would have lots of competition but that's just not true. As other countries get stronger, faster, and better so do we.

Would other countries even be able to play? The equipment for football is very expensive and also might be hard to acquire in other countries. Is the US's advantage genetic too? Not to offend anyone but American people are bigger which definitely gives us the edge.

It would also be hard to implement football into the Olympics, in order for it to be approved the committee has to give it thumbs up and enough countries would have to compete. That raises another question would other countries be willing to compete? Well even if they did it would not be ready by the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Would it even have an audience? If countries agree to play that doesn't guarantee that there people would watch there games, which results in losing lots of money. Well in conclusion I think that football would not make a very good Olympic sport, but maybe in the future I will change my mind!

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