PIEDMONT SYMPOSIUM celebrating student, research, and creative inquiry

“Today, we are here to celebrate our finest and most dedicated students.” – Kanler Cumbass, Senior and outgoing President of the Student Government Association
“Presenting an oral presentation was new to me. Anyone can write a paper. But breaking down the medical terminology to a language that non-medical people can understand is hard. The oral presentation helped me develop this skill, which will help me when I am ready to search for a job.” - Erica Balkcum, Junior


More than 130 students took part in the inaugural Piedmont Symposium April 17. Last week on our Athens campus, more than 30 students participated, showcasing nine posters and eight oral presentations.

This day was a snapshot of what makes Piedmont unique: mentorship, personal relationships, academic rigor, and undergraduate research.


“This entire project pushed me to think on my feet because I had to field a lot of all-the-wall questions. And it also piqued my interest in conducting more research. I really enjoyed it.” -Dakota Johnson, Junior

Studies have shown that students who receive these kinds of engaged learning experiences are more resilient, persist in their education, and are nimble learners. Piedmont, which has a 14-to-1 student-to-faculty ratio, is committed to providing more of these transformational educational experiences.

The day grew out of Piedmont’s ongoing commitment to high impact practices. Such activities include undergraduate research and inquiry, leadership and community engagement, and global learning.

The Piedmont Symposium was a showcase for and a celebration of our scholarly work. Throughout the day, students discussed their research, described how study away programs broadened their horizon, and performed works that inspire them.



Story by John Roberts | Produced by Brian Carter | Photos by Kasey Brookshire