Happy Hair Happy.healthy.hair.

Happy Hair is an easy fitting bin you place over your hair. With just the push of a button you can have any hairstyle you want. The product is easy and affordable.

The product is listed at $45.00. With the hair bin you can receive curls, braids, straight hair, the classic ponytail, and much more!

Our mission is to give you a good feeling when you use our product. We believe that your hair should be happy and healthy.

This product is great for people who can't get ready in the morningĀ and suffer with needing more efficient hairstyles. All ages can have this product.

Cellphone: 1-800-HAPPYHAIR Email: happyhair@me.com

25% of our product goes to wigs4kids

Avalaible at any Ulta beauty near you or at happyhair.com

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