Confusion Network under construction

When I am in some of the largest cities of the world, I feel really confusing and disordered. The constructions in the city are just as crowded as human. The buildings are so tall that they prevent most of the sunlight from illuminating the ground. Black shadow is everywhere and it makes me even can not breath. The underground is hollowed, and elevators are like vehicles lifting people to different levels. The world is crowded and is still under construction. We can see the rebars breaking through the soil, and they almost replace the plants. People looks like machine, they walk so fast and always ignore the things around them. Everything there seem like invisible, but they do exist.

I build this city in terms of the phenomenon of our real world. I use different elements to represent what are there in the real world.

Clock plays the role as a periodic indicator.

We can ride the rebar in many positions and directions, and then we could watch the city in a different way.

There are many invisible elements in the scene.

A big maze which might lead you to enter another world.

  • Sound: Deep_Horrors
  • Models: MAYA(All handmade)
  • Materials: Substance designer, asset store
  • Scripts: for movement, sound, fog

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