Create a Creature By: Fernando ramos

This is an image of my "clear" fish

Patet pisces

It lives in the Photic zone. Unlike other fishes, it relies on sunlight to camouflage with the water itself. Most fish think that it is clear garbage so they don't seem to mess with it, unless they seem to be really hungry. Would you eat something that is hard to find?

Feeding: They are omnivores that like to eat many plants and smaller fishes as seen in the image above. They love to eat phytoplankton, zooplankton, oar weed, and small fishes.

Zooplankton and phytoplankton
Small fishes (my favorite)
Oar weed

Zones: although are found in the photic zone, there are some of them in the neurotic zone at night.

(This is a picture of a diver finding it as he was swimming to the neurotic zone.)
Some fish confuse it as garbage

Propulsion ~ The fish likes to showoff in front of other fishes and swims backwards. ><((((((*>

Try swimming backwards like me! <*((((((><


Created with images by lpittman - "divers underwater ocean"

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