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Pearl Harbor

December 8

Pearl Harbor's 75th anniversary was yesterday (today is 8/12/16) The Wall Street Journal did an article on reminding people what happened but nothing else. The article focuses on the USS Arizona and the musicians who had just participated in a battle of the bands who were aboard.

My opinions on the story are that I believe it shows what it was like. The article includes the surprise and confusion when the attack started and accounts of nurses at the nearby Tripler Army Hospital . Though I believe that Pearl Harbor should be more important this story was enough to tide me over until it is more important to people.

Also I heard a story on KQRS that morning that said a WW2 veteran who was at pearl harbor was visiting it again. A japanese tourist asked him where the Arizona was and the veteran replied "Right where you left it."

I thought that was funny

Wall Street Journal's article http://www.wsj.com/articles/aboard-the-uss-arizonadec-7-1941-1481070371


December 9

So I found a CNN article titled 5 ways trump will change the world and its something.

1. Talking to North Korea

When Trump was asked if he would talk to Kim Jong Un he replied "I would speak to him, I would have no problem talking to him."Is it just me or does that sound like a teacher asking you to talk to the new kid in class. But seriously we need to actually talk to the Koreans instead of listening to their threats.

2.Moving US embassy to Jerusalem

Its an easy thing to say but harder to do because of the international consequences. those consequences are Arab state relations, the world not recognizing it as Israel's capital and not everyone in America agrees with it.

3.Human rights as foreign policy priority

"When the world looks at how bad the United States is, and then we go and talk about civil liberties, I don't think we're a very good messenger." That was a quote from Trump when asked about it. I think he is going to follow Putin's lead and pretty much ignore ,but we won't let him and it will stay relatively the same.

4.Casting doubt on US alliances

Trump wants South Korea and Japan to pay more for protection. I think that sums it up right there he is ,in fact, still a business man.

5.Dropping careful talk about Islam

Obama and Bush were both careful when talking about the war on terror to make it not a war on Islam and tried to solve it peacefully. Trump is not known for careful language and will let some words slip and anger everyone and make a diplomatic incident.

The CNN article http://www.cnn.com/2016/12/09/politics/donald-trump-foreign-policy-sacred-cows/index.html

Trump Is Called an 'Ignorant Child'

December 12

In an article china called president- elect Donald Trump was called an 'Ignorant Child'

This is most likely because China doesn't want to talk to Trump about North korea and Taiwan and trying to get him to back down from confronting them.

Also I found out that Lichtenstein's last military engagement in 1886 resulted in zero losses out of their 80 soldiers at the time and actually returned with 81 soldiers. They picked up an Italian "Friend" on the way

Trump article http://www.cnn.com/2016/12/12/politics/china-trump-one-china-reaction/index.html

Syrian Civil War

Desember 13

Today an agreement has been made between the rebels and Russia. This agreement was made for a ceasefire at Aleppo in order to evacuate the civilians inside. This seems like the end of the war to me because Aleppo was one of the last major cities the rebels had and control is almost all back in the syrian government's control.


Russian Hackers

December 14

People are now blaming Russia for Trump winning the election. If it was hacking servers and giving the info on them to wikileaks or rigging the elections people who don't like Trump are trying to blame it on something.

I think its just people trying to get Trump out of office before he even enters it. If Russia influenced the elections in anyway we will know when Trump hands the country to Putin or at least that is what some people think.


Secretary of State

December 15

The new secretary of state is Rex Tillerson, CEO of exxonmobil, friend of both Trump and Putin. He received the friendship award from Putin the highest honor a foreigner can receive. He only received that award after making a deal with the Russian government and that deal was stopped when Obama put sanctions on Russia during that whole Ukraine thing. This can be good and bad he already has experience with stuff like the CIA and secret service because exxonmobil pretty much has there own secret service bu he may be very lenient towards Russia and use his position to help his company instead of doing what is right.

http://www.cnn.com/2016/12/13/politics/rex-tillerson-secretary-of-state-controversy/index.html I haven't read this yet

December 16

I was bored and nothing on the news was too interesting so here is a list of totally 100% accurate with 110% effort put into finding them, facts about Europe

Europe is European

Europe is home to the European Union

Although it is thought to be a fairytale Belgium is in fact a country

Belgium is not a country

Luxembourg is a country though

Switzerland has mountains

Germany is home to the beloved Adolf Hitler

Belgium is so irrelevant that Germany accidentally invaded it…… TWICE!

Sweden is where the Swiss are from

Norway speaks Viking

Finland isn’t Scandinavian

Russia is European

Turkey isn’t european

Turkey is a bird not a country

This is fact number 15

You also eat Turkey for thanksgiving dinner like Putin did

Although commonly believed to be inhabited by leprecons Scotland isn’t Irish

Though commonly believed to be led to freedom by William Wallace Ireland isn’t Scottish

Wales is named after Whales

France has a museum of white flags

Germany has a museum of captured white flags

Although commonly thought to be Australia ,Austria isn’t an island

Australia is in the pacific ocean

Next is fact 25

The last fact was right

We are over the halfway point

Germany doesn’t have a history of war

Switzerland is never neutral

Poland is ,wait now it isn’t, now it is, now it isn’t, now it is.We have just received confirmation it is a country right now.

This list is 100% accurate

Italy is an ally of Ger- nevermind they are now an ally of Britain

The Pope is catholic

Germany lost both world wars

America doesn’t want to get involved. Nevermind they just did

Britain made America great

Britain could make America great again

The last two facts do not share my political views

The last fact was a lie

That was also a lie

Great Britain consists of Great Britain

Normandy is a beach

Jews aren’t as evil as Hitler would have you believe

Hitler lives in Argentina

The Nazis have a sekret moon base as depicted in their SEKRET DOKUMENTS

Secret is spelt sekret

Documents is spelt dokuments

Benito Mussolini was Italian

Napoleon Bonaparte was from Corsica and actually wasn’t French until he became emperor

The last fact was the only 100% true and interesting fact

This is the end


Russia and Turkey are back at it again with the poor relations. A Russian ambassador was shot and killed in the Turkish capital of Ankara. The assailant was yelling in Turkish something along the lines "This is revenge for Aleppo." My thoughts are that this is going to be like that Russian jet incident, everyone will be scared of what Russia is going to do (with Trump becoming president their fear is probably right) but will blow over with just some empty threats from Russia. In all seriousness I wouldn't care about Turkey until the US gets involved, which would happen eventually because middle east and world stability. Turkey isn't the Ottoman Empire so they don't matter to me.

Top stories on it




Berlin Christmas market

December 18

Berlin has christmas markets so what right? Well these christmas markets are some of the biggest and one just got attacked and the man first expected of the attack has been released. Another manhunt has begun for the real perpetrator of the attack and the German police aren't going to let it go. I think they have the right to hunt this man and maybe kill him because these christmas markets are a tradition in Germany and Berlin is the biggest.


I'm bored and can't find anything that interests me today besides the queen falling ill but there isn't anything on it just that they canceled their annual christmas trip.

And now some history that happened today

1620 Mayflower pilgrims arrive in Plymouth

1991 Soviet Union formally dissolves as 11 out of 12 republics sign the treaty to form the Commonwealth of Independent States

Today is also Samuel L. Jackson's birthday one of my favorite actors

All the history is on this site: http://www.onthisday.com/

And the queen: http://www.cnn.com/videos/world/2016/12/21/british-queen-delays-christmas-travels-nr.cnn

This is the last post of the year (and probably ever) so I'm going to look back at the year.

Remember when Trump being president was a joke? Now he actually is so here is a special yule log to celebrate christmas with.

In other news remember when Harambe was cool? He still is because he was voted for in the presidential election.

And now it's the end so I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. (I don't care if that offended you)


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