End of Year Meeting UCLA Compliance

Summer 2017

Staying Eligible Over Summer

NCAA Drug Testing - Summer Program

All Division I student-athletes are subject to random summer drug testing conducted by the NCAA. If UCLA is selected and you are randomly selected, you will be notified within 48 hours of when the test will take place.


  • Street Drug: 50 % of a season for a positive drug test
  • Performance Enhancing Drug: 1 full year and lose a year of eligibility

Off-Campus or away from UCLA: The collection will occur at the student-athlete's home, workplace, local workout facility or another location that the student-athelete and NCAA

On-Campus or Los Angeles Area: If you are on campus or in the Los Angeles area, the drug test will take place at UCLA.

Medication, Supplements, Vitamins, Etc.: Report all medications (prescription and over-the-counter) to the team trainer. Make sure to check with your trainer on supplements, pre-workouts



Sports Other Than Football and Basketball:

Student-Athletes may NOT participate in countable athletically related activities. All workouts and other athletically related activities must be considered VOLUNTARY.


  • Cannot be required to report information back to the coaching staff;
  • Activity must be initiated by the student-athlete(s);
  • Attendance and participation are not recorded;
  • There is no penalty for not participating; and
  • Coaches cannot be present unless the safety exception applies.

Exception: Sports with the Safety-Exception

  • Coaches may be present for voluntary workouts as long as it meets the definition of voluntary above;
  • A coach may provide safety or skill instruction but may NOT conduct the workout

Exception: Individual Sports

In individual sports, a student-athlete may request an individual-workout with the coach during the summer as long as the request for such assistance is initiated by the student-athlete.


Basketball Summer Workouts

Student-Athletes who are enrolled in summer school or meet the academic exception, may engage in required weight training, conditioning and skill-related instruction for up to 8 weeks.

  • Maximum of 8 hours per week; and
  • Not more than 2 hours per week on skill-instruction.

Summer Competition

  • May only occur between June 15 and August 31;
  • Competition must be in a league certified by the NCAA;
  • Participation is limited to one team in one league;
  • Not more than two players from UCLA are on the team; and
  • SA must submit a form to the Compliance Office and receive approval from Head Coach & Sport Supervisor.


Football Summer Workouts

Student-Athletes may be involved in weight training and conditioning activities during summer for a maximum of 8 hours per week. These activities may consist of weight-training and conditioning, and will run from June 20th for the duration of Summer Session A (6 weeks).


Student-Athletes Must Pay for Facility Usage

Student-Athletes must pay for the usage of non-UCLA facilities. This includes entry to weight rooms, crossfit classes, cycling classes, speed training and any other workout facility or class.


Student-Athletes Must Pay Going Rate for Private Lessons

Student-Athletes may receive instruction or guidance from an individual outside UCLA (e.g., consultant, private coach, etc.), provided no UCLA coach or staff is involved in arranging such activity

  • UCLA coaches may not observe such activity
  • Activities may not occur on the UCLA campus
  • Student-Athletes must pay the consultant/private coach the going rate and use for all facilities


May 1st Exception - Soccer, W Volleyball, M Water Polo

  • SA Must complete an "Outside Competition - May 1" Form;
  • Participation occurs May or later;
  • No class time is missed for practice, competition or travel;
  • Competition is approved by Head Coach & Compliance;
  • Number of SA's competing from UCLA does not exceed the NCAA limit; and
  • In WVB, participation is limited to outdoor volleyball tournaments.
NCAA Limits on Outside Teams

Summer Outside Competition

It is permissible for student-athletes to compete on an outside team, provided:

  • Practice and Competition occurs only during the summer vacation period;
  • Student-Athletes may only receive actual and necessary expenses for practice and competition;
  • The number of student-athletes participating from UCLA does not exceed the NCAA limit;
  • The student-athlete submits an "Outside Competition" Form to the Compliance Office; and
  • The student-athlete receives approval from the Head Coach and Compliance.
  • Student-athlete competes, as an individual or team, for a national team or tries out for a national team;
  • If tryouts and competition occur during the academic year, the Compliance Office will need a letter from the National Governing Body;
  • Must submit an Outside Competition Form to Compliance; and
  • Student-Athletes are permitted to receive actual and necessary expenses from the USOC, national team or national governing body for the sport.


General Rules

  • May not agree orally or in writing to be represented by an agent;
  • May not accept any benefit from an agent or prospective agent (runner) at any time.

Agent Contact Rules

  • Agents may NOT initiate in-person or telephone contact with you or family;
  • Agents may send mail or email but must notify the Compliance Office;
  • Student-Athletes may initiate in-person or telephone contact but must notify the Compliance Office immediately;
  • Student-Athletes must communicate with Head Coach any interaction with agents.

Legal Counsel or Advisors

Student-Athletes may use the service or seek advice from a lawyer or other individual concerning a proposed professional sports contract but must pay the going rate for such services.


UCLA is under contract with Adidas until June 30, 2017

Beginning July 1, 2017, Under Armour will be the official apparel sponsor for UCLA

Student-Athletes may NOT sell any UCLA team-issued gear or equipment. It is okay to give to family and close friends but it is not permissible to sell any gear.

Student-Athletes cannot trade for value any UCLA team-issued gear or equipment.

Promotional Activities


  • Student-Athletes may participate in institutional, charitable, educational or nonprofit promotions;
  • Prior to participating in any promotional activity, a student-athlete must fill out a Promotional Activity Waiver and get Compliance approval.

Not Permissible:

  • The use of a student-athlete's name, image or likeness to advertise or promote a commercial product, service or entity.

Social Media

Student-Athletes are not permitted to provide an endorsement, advertisement or promotion of a product, service or business. Doing so will render the student-athlete ineligible for practice and competition.

The NCAA has clarified that a student-athlete may provide an opinion but NOT an endorsement.


Student-Athletes are permitted to be employed at any time during the year and during summer but must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Submit an Employment form for the job you are planning to work;
  • Employment may not be based off of athletics reputation or skill;
  • May only be paid for work actually performed; and
  • Must be paid the going rate for similar services.


Student-Athletes may be employed at a UCLA camp or a privately owned camp or clinic, provided:

  • Student-Athletes must be paid the same rate as other camp counselors;
  • Student-Athletes may not be used to promote a camp or clinic other than being included in the camp counselor section;
  • There are no limits on the number of student-athletes that may be employed in a UCLA or private camp;
  • Student-Athletes must fill out an employment form.


Student-Athletes are permitted to give lessons in their sport, provided but must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Submit a "Fee-For-Lesson" form to Compliance;
  • Cannot advertise or promote lessons using your name, image or likeness - this prohibition includes social media;
  • May not use UCLA Facilities for conducting lessons;
  • Fee(s) charged must be the going rate for similar lessons in the area
  • GOLF ONLY: In golf, it is not permissible to give lessons due to USGA rules.

New Time Demands Legislation

Time Management Plan

The NCAA passed new rules on time requirements for student-athletes that begin in the Fall 2017 season.

Time Management Plan

What Goes Into The TMP?


Not Considered CARA or RARA: Health & Medical Activities, Academically-Related Activities, Voluntary Related Activities or Life Skills Activities involving multiple sports (formally organized by the athletics department).

No RARA or CARA allowed during any day off or any time off

Days Off and Time Off

Travel Day

  • Travel days may not be considered as a day off. This applies to any calendar day on which travel associated with CARA occurs, regardless of the distance of travel;
  • Except that a travel day may be considered a day off if return to campus travel occurs between 12am and 5am provided no RARA occurs for a continuous 24-hour period

Time Off: 8-Hour Overnight Period

  • RARA other than competition (and associated activities) may not occur during a continuous 8-hour period between the 9-hour period of 9pm and 6am.
  • For competitions ending after 9pm, there must be a continuous 8-hour period during which RARA is prohibited after student-athletes are officially released from team obligations

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Thank you and have a great summer!

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