Special Needs Presented by: Bailey Miller, Jason Walsh, Joahna Roney

1. What were some of the things that caused the child to experience sensory overload?

2. What are some possible sources of distraction, sensory overload, or other issues might we encounter in our classroom?

Find your partner!

At your tables, you have a slip of paper that has either a definition or a term on it. Your goal is to find the table that has the term to your definition or the definition to your term. Once you have found it find a spot on the board and write it out . When everyone is done we will go around the room asking each group what their term is (*in your own word*)and why it is important to know this.





-How will you use this information in your future classroom? What are some examples of situations?

-Why is it important to know the legal rights of a student with special needs?

-How could you inform a parent/guardian on this information?


Team 1 -discuss IDEA and share what the IDEA entails

Team 2 -discuss IEP and share at least 2 components of an IEP

Team 3 -discuss FAPE and LRE and share the meaning of each as well as 1-2 important components of each

Team 4 -discuss Section 504 and ADA and share what they are/what they do, then provide an example or situation in which section 504/ADA is used


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