To Kill a Mockingbird harper Lee

Chapter 1: The People of Maycomb County - The history of Maycomb County, Alabama and the people who inhabit it, such as the Radleys: Boo, Nathan, Mrs.Radley; the Finchs: Atticus, Jem, Scout; their neighbors; and Dill Harris: the boy who stayed in Maycomb over the summer.

Chapter 1: A Day In The Life of Scout - Scout tells us about the history of her town and the people in it, her lineage, and what her life is like.

Chapter 2: First Day of School - Scout tells about her first day of 1st grade and how everything went wrong, when she was just trying to be helpful.

Chapter 2: Miss Caroline - Scout tells us about her 1st grade teacher, Miss Caroline, and how she punished Scout for explaining what being a Cunningham means.

Chapter 3: No More School - After Scout's very bad day at school, she comes home and tells Atticus that she does not want to go back anymore, because if she does, they can never read together again.

Chapter 3: A Life Lesson from Atticus - After hearing about Scout's bad day at school, Atticus teaches Scout a trick to help her understand people more. He tells her before reacting, to consider things from that person's point of view.

Chapter 4: The Knothole - Scout and Jem find items such as gum and Indian-head pennies in a knothole in a tree outside the Radley house. They think it is somebody's hiding spot.

Chapter 4: The Laughter - When playing, Scout is rolled down the hill in a tire, and she lands in the Radley yard, where she hears someone laughing from inside the house.

Chapter 5: Talks With Miss Maudie - Since Scout has been excluded from playing with Jem and Dill, she is finding that she is spending more time with Miss Maudie, her neighbor. On one occasion they talked about why they think Mr. Arthur Radley (Boo) never comes out of his house.

Chapter 5: The Note in the Window - The kids decided that they want to put a note in the window of the Radley house for Boo, asking him to come out sometime. Atticus spots them and tells them to stop, because how would they like it if someone was bothering them when they wanted to be alone.

Chapter 6: Into the Radley Yard - Jem, Dill, and Scout decide to sneak into the Radley yard to look through the window to see Boo. Mr. Nathan Radley spots them and fires a shotgun to scare them off, which succeeded in doing so.

Chapter 6: Pants - When trying to escape from the Radley yard, Jem's pants get caught on the fence, so he has to leave them behind. Later he goes back for them and does not get caught doing so.

Chapter 7: Watch and Chain - Jem and Scout find a watch on a chain, but it does not work. They realize that these items in the knothole were left for them.

Chapter 7: The Dying Tree - Mr. Nathan Radley fills the knothole with cement and tells Jem he did so because the tree was dying. Later when Atticus gets home, Jem asks him if he thinks the tree is dying, and Atticus says no, which makes Jem upset because they can no longer receive items from the tree.

Chapter 8: Snowfall - Jem and Scout observe their first ever snowfall, and they build a snowman to look like their next-door neighbor, Mr. Avery.

Chapter 8: The Fire - Miss Maudie's house catches on fire, so the Maycomb County Fire Department shows up to douse the fire out. After all of that is over, Miss Maudie's house is burnt to the ground, so she has to live with Miss Stephanie.

Chapter 9: Fighting is Wrong - Atticus tells Scout that even though times may get tough, to fight with her brain not her fists. Scout follows this advice when she backs out of a fight with Cecil Jacobs.

Chapter 9: Christmas - Scout has an awful Christmas because she gets into a fight with her cousin Francis, going against Atticus' advice, because Francis called Atticus a rude name, said he was the ruination of the family, and that he didn't know how to take care of his children.

Chapter 10: Mad Dog - While playing outside one day, Scout and Jem spot a sick dog, so they run and tell Cal. Cal calls the police and Atticus because it is a mad dog and could potentially hurt somebody.

Chapter 10: One-Shot Finch - Atticus is forced to shoot the dog before it attacks, and after it is done, Miss Maudie tells Jem and Scout about how Atticus was the deadest shot in Maycomb County when he was growing up. She also says that he gave up shooting because he believed since the animals did nothing to him, he should not shoot them unless he absolutely had to, as he did that day.

Chapter 11: One Mean Old Lady - Mrs. Dubose is a neighbor to the Finch's and the meanest old lady on earth according to Jem and Scout. She insults Atticus while talking to Jem, so Jem gets revenge the next day when he cuts down every camellia bush in her yard.

Chapter 11: Reading to Mrs. Henry Lafayette Dubose - After cutting down Mrs. Dubose's bushes, Jem has to go apologize to her, where she then asks him to read to her every day for a month. Later Jem finds out that Mrs. Dubose was addicted to morphine, and by him reading to her, it kept her distracted from having fits, and it also helped her work on staying conscious and without medicine right up until she died.

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Abby Saunders


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