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The best way to become a great coach is to coach a lot of people and pay attention to feedback!

Coach 100 Challenge is about coaching 100 people and learning from the experience. Want to help me reach my goal? In exchange for filling an in-depth feedback questionnaire, I offer a special bonus to new clients! (Mention "Coach 100" in your first email)

Help me be the best coach I can be!

Recent Testimonials

“Ryphna is a sensitive and empathetic coach!” Cue - February 2019
“[Ryphna] helped me figure out what I was looking to do during a confusing time and put it into quantitative steps. Very kind and supportive the whole way through !” Maria - December 2018
“Ryphna has reminded me of a few ways to re-establish my mindfulness practice and checked in with me often to make sure I followed through with my commitments and gave me new ideas for things to try.” Masha - December 2018
“Helpful advice and exactly on the same page as me with understanding my goals and insightful how to get there.” Corina - November 2018

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My Name Is Ryphna

I help non-conforming creatives get over their resistance by working WITH themselves in a compassionate, mindful and self accepting way.

Nothing feels better then being in the flow of life, feeling like everything is going our way. When things around us just seem to fall in place and our own work is just progressing quickly and without problem.

Unfortunately, life is not always that smooth and there are times where we just feel stuck, like nothing we do is good enough. For some people, that lasts only a little while and then they are back on track and on top of their game. For other people, it feels like no matter what they do it just doesn't seem to improve.

If you feel like you're walking knee deep in mud, let's talk.


Unlimited Chat*

Get access to a private channel and send me as many text messages or audio clips as you want, whenever you feel like it. I will take the time to read/listen to every one of them and get back to you with with tailored insights and feedback.

Asynchronous chat is great for keeping accountability, building habits, dealing with small roadblocks as they arise, and raising awareness / mindfulness about your process. I answer every weekday on a cycling schedule and make sure answers come in a timely manner.

[*Asynchronous Chat: We leave each other messages and answer when available. This is not meant to be a "live" chat exchange but more an ongoing drop by drop exchange. "Live" chat session available on request as a Private Session.]

"We Work"

Finding time for our own projects, for that hobby we like or for those tasks that really need doing can be so hard. So many other commitments can get in the way of really focusing on getting things done!

"We work" group sessions is about scheduling time dedicated to our personal work. By making it an appointment where you meet with others who plan to work on their projects, it gives the perfect opportunity!

Participants of "We Work" sessions connect via Zoom video conference application. The group is invited to follow a structure inspired by the Pomodoro technique of Sprints and Rest cycle. As the facilitator, I manage sprints and break timers, answer questions and offer guidance on the best way to make the most of the experience.

The "We Work" sessions schedule is released every few weeks. We try to organize sessions at different times and days of the week to give opportunities for everyone to participate. Session space is limited! Be sure to sign up to the sessions that work for you as soon as possible to save your spot!

Private Session

The perfect opportunity to bounce ideas around with someone who only has your success in mind!

Private sessions are like a power boost for success. It's the opportunity to sit down, bring everything to the table, and have a big dose of insight and fresh perspective injected into your goals.

I like to use Zoom for private sessions, it allows me to offer a recording of the conversation for your reference. For people who can't do video conferencing because of audio or visual restrictions, phone calls and live chat are also available. Are you local to Victoria, BC? We can meet at a coffee shop downtown if you prefer in person sessions.


(Coming soon)

No one doubts the power of community, and when that power is distilled and focused on the success of it's members it becomes real dynamite!

There are a lot of Mastermind groups out there, each have their own flavor and bring in their own type of people. While a lot of Mastermind groups do invite diversity, I believe that the LGBTQ+ community is under-served in that matter. My goal is to create a LGBTQ+ - Affirming Mastermind where LGBTQ+ identifying and LGBTQ+ Allies can come together and build a community focused on the growth and success of each member of the community.

I believe the best results come from ongoing support.

Life doesn't happen inside a one hour session. Life doesn't happen on a schedule. Life is everything in and around the things we do. That's why I offer my services as monthly packages with various degree of support to fit your needs. Check the different options below!

(CAD$ - More details below)

Little Push

325$ / Month

Having a plan is great. Sticking to the plan is better.

Do you have a road-map of what you want to achieve but find that you lack consistency? Do you have great projects but feel there is not many people you can share and discuss them with? Accountability, support and a cheer-leading squad of your own is what you get when you sign up for the Little Push.


425$ / Month

It's easy to get trapped in the day to day routine. Wake up to the boost of a focused caucus.

You have a busy life, still you want things to change. You want progress and you have a vision of where you want to go. With the Side-Hustle package, you get to use your monthly private session as a booster to your motivation. Our caucus are a great opportunity to build a clear plan and setup the direction or theme for the month. Once we have our road-map, daily accountability and support will keep you motivated as you progress at your own pace.


500$ / Month

A good game plan adapts to the play at hand. Use well focused huddle to go for the win!

Just like a player on the field, sometime it can be hard to see the big picture. We get stuck focusing on just one thing and loose direction. With the Go-Getter, we use our get-together to step back and look at where things are going, adjusting our compass as needed. With some focused conversation twice a month and ongoing contact to keep you in the game, imagine how much you can get done.

High Achiever

675$ / Month

You want to move fast, very fast and to reach your goals you need to stay on track.

You have a lot of balls in the air, or maybe you have one big project but want to make sure you stay on top in all areas of your life. With the High-Achiever you get four dedicated private sessions per month to adjust your priorities, stay on track and balance your goals and life. Everyday we exchange a few words, address immediate road blocks and keep things going. Progress is the name of the game.


“Ryphna is a sensitive and empathetic coach!” Cue - February 2019
“[Ryphna] helped me figure out what I was looking to do during a confusing time and put it into quantitative steps. Very kind and supportive the whole way through !” Maria - December 2018
“Ryphna has reminded me of a few ways to re-establish my mindfulness practice and checked in with me often to make sure I followed through with my commitments and gave me new ideas for things to try.” Masha - December 2018
“Helpful advice and exactly on the same page as me with understanding my goals and insightful how to get there.” Corina - November 2018
“Ryphna was exactly the right kind of writing coach for me. With [their] help, I solidified my writing routines and understood what it takes to build them. I was able to write around 40k words of fiction during our coaching. I appreciate it very much!” Didem - October 2018
“Ryphna has been an amazing coach while I learned to code. Without [them] my ADD would have kept me from ever achieving my goals. I can't thank you enough Ryphna.” Sean - July 2018
“[Ryphna] is a fantastic coach! Working with [them] helped me make a ton of progress on my daily writing goals. Highly recommended!” Anonymous - May 2018
“[Ryphna] is very friendly and caring. Great coach!” Jess - May 2018
“Ryphna was a tremendous help. After years of wanting to regularly do the "morning pages", [they] helped me to actually DO them consistently. I especially appreciated the insights/ encouragement to adapt my routines for better consistency - which worked a lot! If you want to get your writing done, Ryphna is the coach to go for.” Florian - February 2018
“Rypha is a great coach that can help you with your writing goals and point you in a direction where you can be most productive with your writing. I would recommend Ryphna to anyone looking to improve their writing and productivity.” Carlos - December 2017
“The coaching was great. Some great knowledge on learning coding from Ryphna” Dave - July 2017
“That was helpful” Radwan - January 2017
“Just talking out some challenges and having someone listen was a great help.” Scott - November 2016
“great coach with great ideas! [They] brainstorms and thinks outside the box!” Susan - September 2016
“[Ryphna] was absolutely wonderful. Very patient and insightful. Night recommend!” Jack - July 2016
“If your writing needs a little moving and shaking, or if you want to boost your commitment to being a writer, Ryphna will help you with [their] creative ideas and suggestions.” María - March 2016
“Ryphna has been really helpful in letting me focus on my business goals. [They] listens, ask questions ,and provides great ideas on how to move forward. I was pretty impressed with the detailed responses [they] provided ( it's long and thorough that provided lots of value) . I would highly recommend [their] services. Thank you again Ryphna” Les - March 2016
“Ryphna is great! [They] coached me for writing - I'm working on a novel. First, [Ryphna] worked with me as I wrote a 50k-word novel in a month. [They] helped me quickly resolve both logistical issues about creating a routine as well as helping me flesh out characters and situations that felt flat. After that exercise, [they] helped me establish a sustainable routine of daily writing and helped me work towards the publication of a novel. [Ryphna] was also key in helping me establish a community of fellow writers to get feedback and to work on a deadline towards completing stories. Highly recommended! ” Jonathan - October 2015
“It's been a lifelong struggle to understand and build stronger personal boundaries. I've never been able to articulate clearly the issues I've had and with Ryphna's help I've been able to open up honestly about the areas that needed to be addressed, put together next steps as well as the confidence to put the plan to action. Thank you again Ryphna. You were a wonderful coach!” Lisa - August 2015
“Ryphna helped me through some hard times from the perspective of another geek girl and is a truly genuine, sweet, and resourceful person. [They] suggested many things to help me I wouldn't have otherwise thought of and was very attentive and caring. I would suggest [them] to anyone who is struggling and needs the support of someone empathetic and caring.” Anonymous - August 2015
“Ryphna is great, [...] really in tune and custom makes things so it works for you. I loved working with [them].” Alice - June 2015
“Ryphna does a great job creating an autonomous environment that brings out intrinsic motivation in [their] clients. [Ryphna] is a fantastic coach that puts you in charge of your goals and lets you take the wheel while interjecting when needed. This instilled intrinsic motivation is what will make any client of [theirs] successful!” Taylor - April 2015
“Ryphna has helped me in countless creative ways - [they've] been the DM/storyteller for our D&D game, and knows how to point you in potential directions when you lay out your story idea. Having an issue with a character? [Ryphna] knows what questions to ask to get you moving again. Don't know where to start? Ryphna is great at pointing out or finding where YOU can go with your idea!” Joshua - March 2015
“Ryphna taught me techniques to establish fully-realized, distinct characters. [Ryphna] showed me how to find their voice in order to write engaging and realistic dialogue, improving the pacing and flow of my stories.” Andrew - February 2015
“Ryphna coached me in character creation and novel writing several times. [Ryphna] is very skilled at pointing out specific questions to ask myself in order to think constructively about characters and world settings. [They] taught me a lot of strategies to set and achieve my writing goals, provided clear feedback on how to articulate details that are needed by the readers, and helped ensure consistency between intentions and the result. [They] also gave me strategies to balance my life while being focused on a writing project.” Liana - February 2015
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