Luci Pisci

What is a Luci Pisci?

Helios pisci translates to "light fish", it is called that because of where it is found in the ocean and how it functions on a daily basis. Most of them do not have color, they blend in with the water to protect themselves from predators, that is why they are called light fish. They live on the surface of the water where there is sunlight in order to feed on organisms that depend on photosynthesis.

Where can luci pisci be found?

Luci pisci can be found living in coral reefs in the Neritic Zone, which is near the shore. It is less than ~200 meters in depth. There is lots of sunlight and nutrients which are key for the survival of this fish, and this is where the organisms they feed on are found as well. They are also found in the Euphotic Zone, which is approximately 0 to 200 meters deep. Some abiotic factors are high sunlight, lots of oxygen, warm temperature, and low pressure. It can also be found in the epipelagic zone, ranged from 0 to 200 meters deep.

Physical Traits & Adaptations to Environment

The luci pisci is one of the smaller fish in the ocean. The size of this organism can range from 8-12 inches, they are not very different in that category. One traits that makes this organism well suited to live in the Neritic, Euphotic, and epipelagic zones, are the fact that it is a transparent color, it helps them protect themselves for any predators in the area.

Locomotion of a luci pisci

This organism has pectoral fins, a dorsal fin, a pelvic fin, and a caudal fin. The pectoral fins assist the fish in swimming. The dorsal enables the fish to remain upright and balanced as they swim through the water. The pelvic fin is used to travel in fast-moving water. And the caudal fin's maneuverability allow for easier movement in a coral reef.


The luci pisci has gills, it drinks seawater, and while water is lost through skin, active ion transports through gills.


My organism feeds on smaller organisms, such as goldfish, plankton, and shrimp. They are found in the same area as the luci pisci, therefore it is easy for it to find food. There are also many nutrients due to upwelling and runoff of currents in the neritic zone.


The luci pisci reproduces by mating with other luci pisci. The males usually fight to impress the female, by literally fighting to their death, whichever one remains alive wins and receives the eggs of the female fish for reproduction.

Defense Strategies

One of the luci pisci's defense strategy that they are known for is the fact that they are transparent. This causes them to blend in with the water and turn away any predators, and it fits with the zone because there is sunlight and other fish become targets to dangerous predators.

Plankton, Nekton, or Benthos

The luci pisci is a plankton, more specifically a zooplankton, meaning they may have small appendages used to help give some vertical movement; but still cannot swim against currents or waves. They are small and somewhat small but they are fast.

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