Florida Against Rising Sea Levels By: Kelly L.

Part Florida is in danger of becoming flooded due to the melting of ice caps caused by global warming.
This diagram compares how the greenhouse effect is supposed to be like to what it's like in reality due to human actions.

Global warming is the result of excessive gases like carbon dioxide that's released into our atmosphere. This process occurs due to the use of products that require the burning of oil, gas and coal to operate. The burning of fossil fuels creates pollution which develops a build up of greenhouse gases that traps the heat in our atmosphere. Therefore minimal heat travels back into space, thus, more heat remains in our atmosphere and heats up Earth's surface progressively each year.

These photos portray how extreme the melting of the ice caps really is.

The increase of the temperature causes the ice caps in the North to melt. The melting of the ice caps causes excess water to flow to our oceans. For example, the Arctic ocean has grown tremendously from the melting of the Bering Glacier in Alaska. If the glaciers continues to melt at the rate it's diminishing now, it'll soon be all gone. We have already lost an immense amount of our glaciers in recent years (loosing more then 600 feet a year). Since we've already lost a great amount of our ice caps, it's crucial to maintain what is left, for if it were to all disappear, there'd be major environmental issues because the ice caps play a big part in climate change. They reflect the sunlight and also happen to be what various animals depend on to survive. Also, if there are more ice caps, that means there's a smaller area of the dark, deep oceans that absorb heat. Water tends to expand when heated, therefore the oceans which are already 71 percent of Earth's surface will grow even larger.

The first graph shows the increase of the sea levels in the past years. The second graph shows the area of land that's affected by the rising sea levels. Lastly, the map shows what's estimated will happen to Southeast Florida in the future using the data of the of rising sea levels recently.

The meltwater from glaciers that is relocated into our oceans causes the sea levels to rise, which means the areas near or on the coast of places like Florida are vulnerable to becoming flooded in the future. The rising sea levels, would cause Florida to become flooded simply from high tide. This would affect the soil, drinking water, houses, etc. This is because the flooded areas would contain water that has been contaminated by whatever the water rushed past, needless to say, the water is also salt-water. The contaminated salt-water would leak into the water systems which supply the taps in our homes and such. Problems like that would affect Florida's economy because the government would be responsible for finding ways to prevent the flooding. For example, pipes and pumps would have to be built to get rid of the water that overflowed the plumbing systems of the flooded areas. Also, rising sea levels would raise the chances of storms which would also cause damage to Florida.

These are images of Florida. In the future, all the buildings you can see may become flooded.

In the future, if sea levels continue to rise dramatically, the coastlines will eventually reach further inland and those living in the area would be forced to relocate, whether to another state or just to cities more towards the center of Florida because their homes would've been flooded. That creates a problem financially and socially because those home owners would've lost a great deal of money as well as obviously their home and there would most definitely would not be new people who'd want to purchase those homes or apartments. The government would also have to deal with the loss of one of the most populated areas which means losing a lot of money as well as the cost of the damages that need to be repaired.

All in all, the rising sea levels would cause countless problems in Florida. A beautiful state it once was could end up having a multiple cities overwhelmed with the salt-water of the ocean.

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