Boat Safety

Good rule of thumb before buying or operating a boat

Take a boater safety course

While on the boat in the water,

each passenger should wear a U.S. Coast Guard approved life vest regardless of the passenger’s swimming aptitude.

Ensure that equipment on the boat is in good working order before getting out on the water.

  • This includes checking boat lights and having additional batteries, a fire extinguisher, first aid kit, flares, a working cellphone, a map of the lake, and snacks.

Be vigilant of the weather. A sudden change in the wind, lightening, or rough water indicate an inclement weather situation in which the best bet would be to get to land as quickly as possible.

Follow the manufacture’s rules regarding the weight capacity of the boat as well as the quantity of people on the boat. Overloading a boat can cause it to capsize. Look for the capacity plate which is located near the boat operator’s position.
  • Follow boat traffic rules when on the water. One safety rule that is vital to the safety of the passengers is to ensure everyone is seated while the boat is in motion.

A very important rule that must be followed before and while operating a boat is to abstain from drug and alcohol use. The use of these substances impairs the operator of the boat, it puts the passenger’s lives in danger, as well as others on the water.


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