Lexie's End of The Semester Project Fall/Winter 2016

Why did i take advanced art?

I took advanced art against his year to try and work on my skills. At the beginning of the year I was determined to work on clay but as the year progressed I'd decided I'm a painter. I like working with clay but I'm not getting the satisfaction from it like I thought I would by creating a beautiful piece. I found myself stressed out by it. I hope to spend the rest of this school year playing with other medias in an effort to expand my interests and skills. I would love to complete more projects in a media besides acrylic. Perhaps a project in charcoal and watercolor.

What am i most proud of?

I'm most proud of my little bird picture. It's not much but I've experimenting a lot this year. Learning how to make a plan before attacking the project, practicing watercolor techniques, and clay sculpting. I work on this small piece for about a month. It was very tedious and was the first time I had painted something that wasn't a plant. I think it was a good way to start the year but I could've probably had done something more interesting to the bird. However I like simple and realistic. Some of the most outstanding, memorable pieces are realistic styled and are simple. I've tried to branch out more this year. Next semester I'd like to re-try some medias and I have some ideas laid out.

What project do you wish you were able to re-do or have more time on?

If I could re-do a project it would have been the mushroom/tree situation. I tried to turn my clay mushroom sculpture into a tree and it just didn't work the way it could have. I had spent too much time on the mushroom so it was difficult to manipulate the clay into a tree shape. If I could go back I would have changed my idea to a tree to begin with and had made a more tree like structure. I spend a lot of time on this project fail and that took a lot of time away from the semester. After already being turned away from clay thanksgiving break started and random school trips made it hard to start anything extravagant in clay again.

What Artistic Behaviors do you think you have improved in the most?

Research & Planning: Last year I would never plan projects, I'd just jump right into them. This year I've learned to plan out projects and research more before going straight into them. This saves time overall by being prepared to change something in case it goes wrong. I've done a lot of planning with my series of paintings that I plan on hanging downstairs in the science/math cc. I've mad lots of sketches and spent lots of time deciding on what my final project is going to be. Some things aren't set in stone either. But having planned made this process a lot less hectic.

Solve Problems: With experimenting a lot this I've had to learn to not panic when something goes wrong. My mushroom sculpture was a tragic mess at first so I revamped it and changed it from a mushroom into a tree. The project stilled failed but I've learned from my mistakes and I'll be more prepared next time. This was a learning process and I plan on trying out clay again sometime soon.

Goals for the next semester.

I want to do a charcoal portrait of a bumble bee. I have only done one project in charcoal and I want to better my skills and maybe see if I like it more a second time around. Another project I'd like to do is create a painting of a person. I've never done anything with skin tones so I feel that this will be a good project to tackle and play around with. This year has been a lot experimenting and trying to branch out more. Hopefully next semester I will have fully completed projects. I have lots of ideas for next semester to experiment with.

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