JFK BY: tania Garcia

Was Lee Harvey Oswald JFK Assassination. Lee Harvey Oswald first target was but JFK was not oswald first target. Oswald first target was Edwin A. Walker Army General. Oswald killed JFK when he was in the Texas School Book Depository Building. The first shot that oswald fired at jfk was just to throw them off track.Was Lee Harvey Oswald JFK Assassination. Lee Harvey Oswald first target was Edwin A. Walker a Army General. Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK when he was in the Texas School Book Depository Building when JFK was in the motorised car. The reason Oswald kill JFK was for the Unites States Notes, and he signed a presidential document, called Executive Order 11110,on June 4,1963. When Lee Harvey Oswald was in the Book Depository he saw the gunman that killed JFK. This has been a fact that there were two gunmen involved in the shooting but Lee Harvey Oswald was not one of them. When they did fingerprints on the gun they found no match of Lee Harvey Oswald fingerprints. The gun that shot JFK was a weak gun because it only hit JFK twice. The gun was not a rifle in was a really old gun.

My first theory: if oswald did kill JFK then who did

Most of the people think that lee harvey oswald killed JFK,but it is a fact that Lee Harvey Oswald saw the gunman who killed JFK. they thought the lee harvey oswald killed jfk so they brought him to the police station and he picked three guys that he thought did it but then the police picked him and got a fingerprint to check if he did it and they checked and it was lee harvey oswald did and they thought that he did it because he didn't him but that was not why they think he killed him they said that he killed him by the government paid him money and he said yes I will kill JFK for money that is why he killed him just for the money. He worked with the government. They think that someone was with lee harvey oswald and they think that some one help him kill JFK they think that lee Harvey Oswald was helping to kill JFK but he says no one was with him to help you. Lee harvey oswald killed JFK but they think that he is not alone they think someone else is with him. They think that is lee harvey and jack ruby might of killed him because they said he was not alone.

They don't think one gunman could of hit jfk with the same bulle

When he took a trip to mexico and he had some friends that were cuban and they help him learn how to kill jfk. Oswald fired three shots from the 6th floor of the texas school.

The first time he tried to hit jfk he missed i think he did that to throw them of track after he shot the first one he shot another in 5-6 second When lee harvey tried to kill jfk and he also killed connelly and he hurt him really bad.They think that he only miss to throw them off. The first shot that he try to fire at jfk was a miss shot so he can throw them off is what i think because they think he is a bad at shooting at gun because he missed his first shot at jfk so they think that he is bad because he miss his shot that he had fired at jfk but they think that he had missed to get them to know that hev was shooting someone and he had missed badly.

John f kennedy was shot twice he was hit by the neck and it hit all of his bones and it hit him really bad.The zapruder film captured this shot to in frame 313 they caught it on film so they kind of knew who it was.They think that the two bullets hit him bad cause it was pretty bad how he hit him. Lee harvey said that jfk wasn't the real target and that he was not gonna hit him.He had a target and it was not jfk but i think he change his but that was not who he planned to kill jfk. Lee harvey was help to kill jfk but he had other plane to kill someone else but he was not his target he was going to kill.

My second theory is: government made him do it

the y wanted to kill lee harvey because he had kill jfk but they don't know that he wasn't the person he was gonna kill.Lee harvey oswald was linked to virtually every group that had a reason to want kennedy.Lee harvey oswald work the CIA with the russia and they help him kill jfk but they told him to.Oswald was being paid $200 a mouth by the government at the time of the JFK assassination. JFK was late and he was due at the trade mart at 12:25 so lee harvey new he was late he was there befor he got there.When he fired the three bolts shot in 6 seconds lee harvey left after the 6 seconds.So the government help lee harvey to kill John F. Kennedy so they help him try to find him and know to shot him by cause they help him. He was paid to get kill JFK and that was not his target and they were paying him to kill him so he was paid to get money and he was going to kill him for money I did think that was fair why would he kill JFk for money I did think that was fair because I would never kill anybody for money cause that is not fair to people that would do the same thing for money I don't think that was fair of him because I would never get money to kill some one that was just not fair and i would not think he would kill someone for duh money and would kill them for money and get help form the government because that is just duh that he did that to jfk. That they think that lee harvey oswald was one of the gum man is what they think and that he was held by someone else but they think that it is some that did like jfk to because they said that they saw someone else with jfk so they think that he was held by some by shooting him and they that he could've not done it by himself they don't that he could do it by himself because they think it was to hard to do it by himself so they think that he got help by someone but they don't know who it could it be because that could help lee harvey oswald because that is hard work to do it by himself but i think that he had help by the government because they would pay him 200 dollars every month so I think that they had to help him because that wasn't who lee harvey was gonna kill because he had some in his mind that he was gonna kill him but then they government was gonna pay for him so he was down for the money only and so that is

why he killed JFK but that wasn't who he was gonna kill he just need the money so he could just have it that is why he killed JFK just for the money that the government had gave to lee harvey oswald.

my theory that i think happened

I think that lee harvey oswald did kill him JFK and that the government paid him to kill jfk that is why lee harvey oswald did it just to get money because the government is paying him 200 dollars every one month because he killed jfk and he shot 2 or 3 bullets at jfk and the first one that he had fired he had missed very badly he didn't even hit him it was a very bad shot that he had fired at he and missed really bad and was not even close and he did that to throw them off it was like a test to see if they would do anything but then he shot again and it hit him in the neck and his third one and it hit really bad that one was a really powerful shot that last one was. I think it was him but some people don't think it was him they think it was someone else but i think it was him because he the government paid him money, so I think it was really him. He took a trip to mexico and with a friend and he aso new a cuban and they help him kill jfk because they help JFk and they knew him so they help him try to track him and try to sneak him in like he had work there. I just think he was doing it for money but I thought it was wrong to kill someone for money I would never do that because it was wrong to do that and he was not going to kill him and he was going to kill some one from the army but then the government told him to pay money if he would kill JFK.


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