Greetings! I am Ling Wey Lun aka Lun or Alex. Student from Taylor's School of Mass Communication, majoring in broadcasting. You must be guessing which student in the photo is me. I am located at the left side of the photo. The guy with that "I'm thinking" post. I love badminton, cheeseburgers, food, etc. I hate Mayonnaise, keep it away from me unless you require more Mayonnaise. May the FORCE be with you!
"And he goes for the THREE!"

Ingenuity means the quality of being clever, original and inventive. Ingenuity can be in anything including sports. I chose Basketball as my example. Every player contains their unique playing style, that's originality. Play "smart" and not play "hard", that's being clever. Mix and matching different footwork's and skill to create a special combo, that's inventive. Lastly, is a game we play when we were teenagers. This is what i see in Rediscovering the Ingenuity of Youth. ISO-640 f/8 1/160

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