Imperialism the fight for power

What is Imperialism???

Imperialism by definition - a policy of extending a country's power and influence through diplomacy or military

This meaning a more powerful country taking over weaker country's and making them their own

Imperialism History

Imperialism has lasted for a very long time. Such as the example of how imperialism moved to Ancient Greece. Imperialism reached its peak under the rule of Alexander the Great. His rule went from 356 to 323 B.C.E. This was when the eastern Mediterranean fused with western Asia. His goals was to make a cosmopolis, where everyone would live peacefully and equally. This dream was defeated when the Roman Empire emerged, embracing all of the peoples from Britain to Egypt.

Big Imperialist

Imperialism is something that can make a country even more big and powerful. One of the biggest imperialist was Great Britain. It's biggest conquer occurred between the 15th and middle of the 18th centuries. This is when England, France, Portugal, Spain, and the Netherlands founded empires in India, the East Indies, and America.

A very imperialized country

In the year of 1914, Africa had a lot of different countries that wanted to imperialize there. Some examples of the countries who did were French West Africa, Libya, Egypt, Anglo-Egyptian Sedan, Nigeria, Belgian Congo, Angola, German East Africa, and Union of South Africa. These countries effected the culture in Africa as many Africans had a different way of living.

British Imperialism

From 1750-1914 the British imperialized India. They did this because in this time frame India were known for being good traders. Many invaders came to India due to the interest in trade. Europeans had a more powerful and advanced army which lead to them imperializing India. Through this take over they became even more powerful and gained product from India and more money. British imperialism in India had impacted the nation adversely. India's wealth was drained during this time period. Then the British rule in India hit the Indian economy that it was never able to recover.

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