Man's best friend adaptation of Victor Sivetidis

Once upon a time, there a was a young boy who was born in very rich family. His parents gave him all that they have, filling his room with lost of colorful toys: wooden cars, stuffed animals, balls, books, trains, rails, wooden swinging ponies, a xylophone and many other entertaining toys.

But, one day, this little child started crying and he never stopped. His parents tried everything to make him stop crying, but their efforts were useless. 

When the kid grow older and he could talk, he said to his father:

-Father, buy me more toys, cried the little child. I'm bored and this is why I am always crying!

-Sure, son, I'll buy you some new toys.

So, his father ran to the toy store and come back with a colorful kite and taught his son how to fly his wonderful kite!

But, in the very next day, the child start to cry more and louder than he did the other day.

Worried, his father asked him what happened, but he showed the kite in the corner of his room.

-I'm bored, father. Go buy me another toy!

Despite the father's effort to please his child, every morning the kid was crying for another toys. So this is how the days passed and the child reached his 7th anniversary.

-Son, said the father. You're a big boy now and you should not cry no more.

-Yes, father, said the boy, while he blew his birthday candles.

Now, he had a room full of toys, but a heart full of empty spaces.

So, in the very next day, he started crying again.

But this time, his father bought him an unusual gift: a small box with Plasticine.

The kid was surprised with his father's gift and asked:

-Father, what is this?

-This is your best friend from now on, son!

-What?, asked the kid. This box of colorful clay?!

-No, son. Your work to make this clay transform into an object, into an animal or into a person will be your best friend.

And, from that day on, the child never got bored again, because he learned the most important lesson. His every day hard work kept him away from his boredom.
The end


Created with images by DaveBleasdale - "Little Miss" • Skitterphoto - "teddy bear camera orchids" • Jo Naylor - "beach duckies.jpg" • F. Montino - "Cry Baby, Cry" • TaniaVdB - "baby tears small child" • Beano Burnett - "Colour!" • Juhana Leinonen - "Wooden horse" • SocialAlex - "Wooden Toy Blocks" • - "Wooden toy train" • Alexas_Fotos - "teddy bank sit" • ansik - "calculator" • MirelaSchenk - "konik the horse poles" • milivanily - "toy fly bird" • Unsplash - "tricycle red childhood" • Brendacfeyc - "toddler room play kitchen kindergarden" • danielgelora660 - "moody nature sky" • BotheredByBees - "plasticine labyrinth" • acme - "IXS_7245" • Matt From London - "Plasticine garden at RFH"

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