Lance Cooper Photography Real estate photography.

If you ask yourself "am I representing my sellers and my best interests with the photos I am showing?", then please read on. If your images do not meet all the following criteria, then perhaps the answer is no.


Does the photo tell a story? Is the camera positioned un-naturally low or high? Do one or two images of this room tell the story as well as or better than four or five? Online viewers develop "click-fatigue". Amateurish or poor photos usually result in the viewer moving onto another listing, as do multiple images of the same room. Sometimes less is better.


Do you often see photos with large "blown-out" areas around light fixtures and windows? Our eyes don't and neither should your photographs. Whats more pleasing to the eye? Patches of harsh highlights and shadows or a natural look. You should not see reflections of the photographers flash in windows or even the photographer. We may use several flashes to get the best results and it takes more time, but we believe its worth it. Finally on the subject of lighting, do you see color casts on your photos? Weird looking yellow splotches or strong blues coming from windows? Our cameras sometimes see these colors and register them on the image, but our eyes don't see them in real life. They should not be there and should be removed before in post.


Are you trying to hide the view outside the window or do your images just come back to you with blown out windows? Meaning just white and no detail to be seen? Even a little glimpse of the outside tells more of a story than nothing at all.

Vertical Lines

Vertical lines should be just that. Bowing inwards or outwards is not how our eyes see them, and neither should your photographs.

I hope this helps a little in determining just what makes a good photograph. We also understand that not all houses are created equally and some do photograph better than others, but whether you choose my $120 package or any of our other packages, I apply all of my skill to each shoot. I edit each image separately and do not employ HDR software. I hope you can see the difference and believe you can represents your clients interests more effectively with better photography. Thanks. Lance Cooper.

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